A Successful Day at the Super Pet Expo
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A Successful Day at the Super Pet Expo

Cuteness overload has come to the east coast. Not only is the Westminster Dog Show happening up at Madison Square Garden this week, but last weekend the New Jersey Convention & Exposition Center hosted the Super Pet Expo. February 10-12, 2017.

Pet Lovers Delight at the Super Pet Expo

Danelle and I visited the pet expo as guests, not vendors, and had a blast! It was wonderful seeing all the wares and speaking with other business owners. I loved seeing all the natural dog foods and treats, something that I think is increasingly more attractive to dog owners.

A variety of delectable treats are available at the Great American Dog Food Co. 
A variety of delectable treats are available at the Great American Dog Food Co.


So Which Vendors Stood Out?

1. DecalsFowl Dog brought a large array of their decals. They have been increasing their dog breed designs due to high demand, and also venture into hunting and equestrian decals. But this is only part of what they offer. Fowl Dog also currently offers two high-quality automotive products: cargo liner and hammock. If you have working dogs, hiking dogs, or having fun on the beach dogs these products might be just what you need.

2. Supplements. We had a nice chat with Janice Gianforte from Nupro All Natural Supplements. This all natural supplement contains no grains and can be fed to your dog with their regular meal twice a day. Some, but not all of the ingredients include: liver, Norwegian kelp, bee pollen, and flaxseed. Based in Manalapan, New Jersey they have been in business 27 years and are now the officially endorsed by the LAPD K-9 unit.

Janice  generously gave me a 5 lb container of the Joint and Immunity Supplement for Gonzo and Beau. It’s too early to tell yet how the supplement will affect them, but they sure did gobble it up! Even picky Gonzo, who suffers from seasonal allergies. In a few months I’ll fill you in on how Nupro has treated my boys.

3.  Dog Gates. We loved the idea of Chloe’s Nook and their customized dog gates. Danelle, who has been an interior designer for years jumped at the woodwork and finishes.  These gates are made of birch wood and are sturdy as anything. They are a great option for houses where you would like to remove gates periodically for parties, or just want something pretty while keeping a barrier.

They can customize names, fonts, and finishes and come in three sizes. For a limited time they are running a 15% off promotion with code EXPO2017.

Customize your dog gate with Chloe
Customize your dog gate with Chloe’s Nook.


4. Rescue. Animal adoptions and rescue booths were everywhere, such as the Monmouth County SPCA, Justice Rescue, and many more. Pet expos such as this are a wonderful way to find loving, forever homes for shelter animals.

Animals Galore!

Of course, our favorite part was meeting all the animals! There were horses, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, and of course DOGS. An animal-lover’s heaven. We met as many dogs as we could from the smallest Boston Terrier pup to a biggest Great Danes and Anatolian Shepherds.

Some of the ladies were all gussied up. 
Some of the ladies were all gussied up.
A His/Hers set of Anatolian Shepherds. 
A His/Hers set of Anatolian Shepherds.

What We Bought

We couldn’t leave the Super Pet Expo without buying something, or a little of everything.  Danelle just had to have some equestrian decals from Fowl Dog. Amazing handmade goat’s milk soap from Fresh & Fancy could not be passed by (Cherry Almond!). Finally we had to try the lemonade pickles (shockingly awesome!). The vendors were numerous and there was something for everyone.

Danelle Stukas ESMT at the Super Pet Expo
Danelle Stukas, my business partner, shops for Fowl Dog decals. Which to choose?
A tie for every furry occasion. 
A tie for every furry occasion.

More Vendors We Liked

Veronica’s Doggie Delights– homemade pet treats that looked amazing!

HOWLPOT – a very cool, modern idea for a dog bed.

Flaskdog – a 2-in-1 solution for feeding and watering on the go.

Ding Dog– customized canine products delivered to your door.

Dock Diving at the Super Pet Expo

Lastly, before we left we HAD to watch the doggie diving. These guys can catch serious air! Next time I’ll have to bring Gonzo to try out the diving…..I’m just afraid I’ll never get him out of the water.

The Super Pet Expo is a must visit for animal lovers in the Garden State. Their next stop is Chantilly, Virginia from March 17-19th. You won’t be disappointed. However, you may adopt a dog and buy a lot of products.

What is your favorite dog product?



    • Heather Wallace

      Love it! This time they arranged a game where the dogs had to chase a small "animal" on a string. It was motorized and could alternate speeds. Gonzo and Beau would have gone insane with glee.

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