Kids Struggle with Confidence Too

Confession: Today my normally confident daughter showed me her timid side.   My eldest daughter has been riding therapy horses since she was 4-years old. Now, six years later she is incredibly confident on a horse even going so far as to win ribbons at the Horse Park of New Jersey and brag about her […]

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Heather Wallace The Timid Rider

Too Nervous to Ride

Confession: For the first time I’m nervous to ride my pony.   Ferrous and I have a wonderful relationship and I couldn’t be happier with him. He’s predictable but challenging, something that makes a timid rider like me feel infinitely more comfortable. More, we’ve built a bond over the last year. In doing so, I […]

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Holistic Wellness Humans

Holistic Wellness is Not Just for the Horses

Fitness isn’t enough. I need to achieve balance with chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, massage, and nutrition. After all, I believe in holistic wellness for horses, why not for myself?   Being a certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist (ESMT) has its advantages. My own horse receives bodywork that includes chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, and sports massage regularly and […]

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Horse Skin Condition

My Horse Suddenly Has a Skin Condition

Confession: I’m worried sick because pony has a skin infection.   Like many animal lovers, I am more comfortable being ill or injured than seeing my horse or dog in pain. There is something so heart-wrenching about watching your pet suffer and not feeling like you are doing enough.   I hadn’t seen Ferrous in […]

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Allison Malenfant #beBold Redingote Equestrian

Equestrienne: Allison Malenfant, Redingote Equestrian

I met Allison and her partner Connie on Instagram and then IRL at the Jersey Fresh International 3-Day Event in 2018. We immediately hit it off and I found myself pausing while photographing the event to go and visit their vendor area. More, I couldn’t resist and had to try the Redingote outerwear for myself, […]

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If I Could Ride a Horse Like I Drive a Car...

If I Could Could Ride a Horse Like I Drive a Car…

Confession: If I rode a horse like a drove a car I’d be an eventer.   I’ve been referred to as an aggressive yet defensive driver. What does that mean? Well, it means I can drive in New York City like a taxi, and expect others to cut me off at any minute. So why […]

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Life lessons from Endurance Riders

Life Lessons from Endurance Riders

Many of you might think this little Hunter/Jumper woman with occasional confidence issues would be a fish out of water at an endurance conference. But the opposite couldn’t be truer.   As a team member for The Gobi Desert Cup, the official endurance horse race of the Mongolian Horse and Nomad Foundation, my first foray […]

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Dr. Cooks Bitless Bridle Review

Learning Freedom with Dr. Cook’s Bitless Bridle

I’m a believer in less is more, and using natural methods whenever possible for my horse. However, it is also difficult for me to let go of control. It wasn’t an easy decision to move to use of a bitless bridle, but this is my experience.   Many options are available for equestrians to choose […]

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Confidence Equestrian Athlete

Motivation from Top Equestrian Athletes

It may come as no surprise that equestrian superstars such as Charlotte Dujardin and others struggle with confidence from time to time, after all, they are only human. With great power comes great responsibility after all. The more they win, the more their fans and even trainers expect them to win. The pressure is on […]

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Equestrienne: Jamie Baldanza

Equestrienne: Jamie Baldanza, This Mustang Life

There is no such thing as a coincidence. I believe everything happens for a reason, and life brings us together in mysterious ways. Last fall I attended the 2018 Equus Film Festival in New York City to represent my bestselling book, Confessions of a Timid Rider which was up for an award. On Saturday morning, […]

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Ovation Dafna Blizzard Boot

Ready for a Blizzard with the Ovation Dafna Boot

    Winter riding can be fun and fulfilling with the perfect equipment. Finding the right gear can mean the difference between life or death, or in my case- warm toes.     My feet get notoriously cold, which then brings down the temperature throughout my body. I used to be an avid skier but […]

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How to Choose the Perfect Horse for a Nervous Rider

How to Choose the Perfect Horse for a Nervous Rider

Choosing the perfect horse for a nervous rider is not always easy, but it is possible to find a balance between safe and challenging.   A nervous rider is you, your trainer, or your child. Everyone has periodic self-doubt or fear, which varies from mild to panic depending on each person and situation. Nerves happen […]

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