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prevent cancer dogs

5 Steps to Prevent Cancer in Dogs

As dog-parents, the word cancer is perhaps, one which we dread the most. We love our fur babies and want them to have a long and healthy life. Unfortunately, the risk of cancer in dogs has increased rapidly over the passage of time. Just recently my friend’s dog got diagnosed with cancer and, I kept […]

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5 Things You Could Do Now To Improve Your Senior Dog’s Life

The potential benefits of being a dog owner are possibly endless. Every study on health benefits of owning a dog usually tends to point toward improved heart health. In fact, it is apparent that just having a dog by your side as a pet can potentially help lower heart rate as well as blood pressure. […]

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Collar, Harness, or Prong for Dogs

To Collar, Harness or Prong- That is the Question

Collars, Harnesses, Chains, or Prongs- What is the Best Solution for your Pet’s Health? Pet supply stores carry a wide range of walking aids for dogs. Often I receive questions from my client’s owners regarding what type of lead is best- using a leash attached to a collar, front lead harness, back lead harness, chain collar, […]

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Holistic Veterinarians

Holistic Veterinarians: What to Expect

Source: Published originally in Good Dog Magazine, September 16, 2017 by Heather Wallace. This week I’m taking my dog to our local holistic veterinarian. We are so lucky to have a few in our area! While I do respect traditional medicine when it comes to my dog’s wellbeing, I prefer a more integrative approach. After all, […]

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Strut Your Mutt 2017

Strut Your Mutt for Pet Cancer

What do you do to raise money for families fighting pet cancer? Why, strut your mutt of course!     I am on the board of The Brodie Fund, a non-profit organization that funds grants to help families pay for pet cancer treatments. Based in Monmouth County, New Jersey we hold numerous fundraising events throughout […]

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Safety at the Dog Park

Top 5 Ways to Prevent Dog Park Injury

How do we keep our canine friends safe from injury at the dog park? 

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Remember Me Thursday

Raising Awareness with Remember Me Thursday

What is Remember Me Thursday? At the BlogPaws Conference this past May, I had the fortune to meet and spend time with a representative of the Helen Woodward Animal Center, who spearheads the pet adoption awareness campaign, Remember Me Thursday. “Remember Me Thursday® is a global awareness campaign uniting individuals and pet adoption organizations around the […]

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Reduce Pet Stress When You Travel

Reduce Pet Stress When You Travel

Just like us, every animal has different triggers for stress and anxiety. They are compassionate, loving, loyal and deeply attached to their human families. It makes perfect sense that a sudden change of environment with new people and animals to surround them is stressful for most of our four-legged comrades. From your perspective, all that’s […]

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Holistic Therapy for Arthritis Dog

The Best Holistic Therapies for your Dog’s Arthritis

There are a number of natural therapies to provide pain relief and improve mobility for your dog.  As our pets age, arthritis and stiffness can become a serious health concern.  Most dogs will begin to show signs of arthritis by the time they are 6 or 7 years old. This is something I am working […]

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Fresh dog food NomNomNow

Fresh Dog Food, Delivered- Is It Too Good to Be True?

Not If It’s NomNomNow   During the 2017 BlogPaws conference in Myrtle Beach, I had the luck to discover NomNomNow, fresh food for dogs that is delivered to your home.  Like most pet owners, I’m very particular about my dogs’ diets. It took years to find the right ingredients for my rescue dogs, both of […]

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Green-lipped mussels

Green-Lipped Mussels, Are They Strong Enough to Combat Arthritis?

There is a supplement that keeps popping up in my feed, chats, and conversations. Read on to learn about the superfood taking the pet world by storm- green shell mussels. One of the best joint supplements for your pet.   This all-natural supplement has become increasingly popular for animals with arthritis and joint pain. As […]

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Porkalicious Potluck by Nom Nom Now

Welcoming Homemade Dog Food from NomNomNow

    Like most pet owners, I want the best for my dogs. I want them to be healthy and happy. Of course, while there are some amazing benefits to a raw diet, this is not something I am able to do with small children in the house. So judge me if you want to, […]

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