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Headlight Harness for Horses

Horses aren’t walked in harnesses, unlike dogs, but to an ex-mounted police officer the Headlight Harness for dogs had a lot of equine potential. A chance meeting at a local pet event resulted in the Headlight Harness for Horses, a product perfect for the barn or the trail. Just imagine what it would mean for […]

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Dr. Cooks Bitless Bridle Review

Learning Freedom with Dr. Cook’s Bitless Bridle

I’m a believer in less is more, and using natural methods whenever possible for my horse. However, it is also difficult for me to let go of control. It wasn’t an easy decision to move to use of a bitless bridle, but this is my experience.   Many options are available for equestrians to choose […]

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Ovation Dafna Blizzard Boot

Ready for a Blizzard with the Ovation Dafna Boot

    Winter riding can be fun and fulfilling with the perfect equipment. Finding the right gear can mean the difference between life or death, or in my case- warm toes.     My feet get notoriously cold, which then brings down the temperature throughout my body. I used to be an avid skier but […]

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Positive Equestrian Confidence Kick-On Cards Timid Rider

Positive Affirmations with Kick-On Cards

I write my blog to share my personal feelings and struggles about being a returning adult equestrian with confidence issues. Through writing these posts I learn a lot about myself. I never considered myself a person with anxiety until I read some of the words that came out of me. I am not diagnosed. I […]

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My Favorite Horsey Things

My Favorite Horsey Things

It’s the holiday season. But all equestrians know that there is no perfect time to buy tack or pick up something special for your animal. So I got to thinking…this year I bought a pony and while I thought I had an obsession before, well, it wasn’t anything compared to the reality. As The Timid […]

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Huufe Tracking App

Hacking with Huufe: New Technology for Equestrians

Technology for equestrians and only equestrians.   My husband works in the Cyber industry and as a blogger myself, technology is a huge part of my life. I have always been somewhat technically-inclined as a result of my nerd’s brain. So when I learned of a new technology for equestrians through the immense power of […]

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Hands-On Gloves Timid Rider

Keep Your Hands, and Clothes, Clean with Hands-On Gloves

Working with horses is a blessing every day. Except during spring and fall when the shedding hair is absolutely everywhere. Performing sports massage on clients means I get dirty, it’s part of the job. But when I am spitting out hair and running to the bathroom to wash out my eyes, it’s a problem.   There […]

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Protect Your Pet with Consumers Advocate Top Ten Pet Insurance 2018

Protect Your Pet with Consumer’s Advocate Top Ten Pet Insurance Review Guide 2018

I look at my client’s owner and understand how relieved they are to see their dog relaxed and happy, but knowing it is an additional cost they pay. They only want the best for their pet, but with a terminal cancer diagnosis their funds are depleted from the treatments, and massage and other holistic therapies […]

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Zymox Equine Defense

Enzymes: A Natural Alternative to Antibiotics

We all know that fragile, delicate horse. You know the one that unerringly finds the solitary rusted nail along the fence line of a paddock? Or the horse that has no idea how big he is, and cuts his stifle on something he passes by every day? My pony is not accident prone. Quite the […]

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Roeckl Riding Gloves

The Madison: Summer Horse Riding Gloves from Roeckl You Need in Your Tack Box

  I decided recently to challenge myself by attempting a schooling show at my barn this spring. Most of you may wonder, why the big deal? For me, horse shows are a source of panic. It stems from low self-esteem in regards to my riding, anxiety about the unknown, and being judged by others. Ironically […]

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Kerrits Power Sculpt Breech

Empower Yourself with Kerrits Power Sculpt Breech

I’m in love with the new Kerrits Power Sculpt Breech. One of my favorite brands to wear, this is a perfect marriage between a riding breech and stylish support. When I’m comfortable I feel more confident, especially in the saddle.   I don’t consider myself fancy. I like to get glammed up with the best […]

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KeriCure Product Review

KeriCure Wound Care for Equines

Do you have a horse prone to injury? KeriCure, Inc. Champion Seal is an easy to apply, and organic liquid bandage that keeps wounds clean while your horse recovers. *This is a sponsored post. I may receive products or monetary compensation in return for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.   We all […]

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