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KeriCure Product Review

KeriCure Wound Care for Equines

Do you have a horse prone to injury? KeriCure, Inc. Champion Seal is an easy to apply, and organic liquid bandage that keeps wounds clean while your horse recovers. *This is a sponsored post. I may receive products or monetary compensation in return for my honest review.  All opinions are my own.   We all […]

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Le Mieux Lambskin Numnah Review

Luxurious Riding with the Le Mieux Pro Sorb Lambskin Numnah

Enter the half pad debate. I never loved my sheepskin half pad and thought it bulged weirdly on my pony’s back. Nor did I feel that it created any real cushion. So I debated between gel pads, air pads, and memory foam. So many choices!      Upon some research and help from my friend […]

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Saddle Box Surprises in a Subscription Box

Nothing says an amazing birthday gift than a subscription box from Saddle Box! This month I turned 40, and I was very excited to receive this beautiful blue box in the mail just a week or so before. Much of the excitement is not knowing what items are included for you and your horse.  Saddle […]

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CBD for Horses

The Ultimate Guide to Phytocannabinoids for Horses

Last night I had trouble sleeping. I had so many thoughts running through my brain. The focus of my thoughts was, unsurprisingly, horses and how to best keep them calm. Yes, I realize the irony. A few of my equestrian friends around the world have been dealing with kissing spine, stall rest, and pent-up horses. […]

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Painted Pony Package

Painted Pony Package Brings Childish Glee

Did you know that there are monthly subscription boxes for children? Meet The Painted Pony Package, started in 2017, which Cameron received as a gift recently.The opinions and experiences are our own.   What is a Subscription Box? Subscription boxes are a marketing strategy and a way of distributing niche products regularly, usually every month. […]

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