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Unboxing the Cavali Club Lifestyle Box

Confession: I already have a tack and shopping problem, and I think it just got a little harder to resist.

Recently, I won a Cavali Club Lifestyle Subscription box and $25 Corro gift card in a silent auction. Of course I’ve heard about the boxes and followed them on Instagram, so I was really interested to get one! When I received it, I set it to the side until I had some quality time to really enjoy opening it, like a present. Finally, I decided to make an unboxing video as I did so you can see it too!

How is This Subscription Box Different?

The Cavali Club Equestrian Lifestyle Box is a subscription box made of 5-7 luxury items geared toward horse owners. The overall value is approximately $200 but the price is a great value at $59 per box. That’s huge savings! More, this isn’t something you have to commit to each month because Cavali Club releases them seasonally: spring, summer, fall, and winter.

I received the FALL box and it felt like Christmas or my birthday opening it and being surprised. (It’s rare I’m surprised by anything since I do most the holiday shopping in my house!) These are items I may not have seen in tack stores or learned about otherwise.

Items Included in the Fall 2021 Box

  • Happy Pops: ready to make frozen treats for your horse, dog, or livestock animal. They come in multiple flavors: carrot, oat, peppermint, and cake. They contain fruits and vegetables, electrolytes, carbohydrates and gelatin.
  • Acacia Salad Spoons with Bit Handles. Gorgeous, wood-grain and almost too nice to use. These would be just as amazing as a decorative kitchen item in your home!
  • Kelcie’s Pumpkin Spice Horse Treats. They are all natural, perfect for picky eaters (not that I have one of those), and most importantly contain pumpkin which is such a healthy option for our horses. Interested in why pumpkin is so amazing? Read my blog post about the benefits of pumpkin to learn more.
  • Elastic Polo Wraps by AcademEQ.
  • Horse Crazy, a book by Sarah Maslin Nir.

And a sticker and some information about Heart Horse Shop and a discount to Cavali Club.

Watch the complete unboxing video here.

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