My Dog Is In Pain and I Feel Miserable

When my pets are sick I become overanxious. What is hurting them? What aren’t they telling me? It’s inevitable. At some point your pet gets hurt or sick. I hate it.



As the proud mom of two large breed dogs I am always worried about cruciate ligament tears, arthritis, and hip dysplasia. I see canine clients daily with these injuries and more.


So when my husband called me to tell me Gonzo was hurt, my heart dropped. I checked him over when I get home and sure enough, my very stoic boy began whimpering when I gently touched his right hind.


He NEVER whimpers. Off to the vet we went. I cannot say how lucky we are to have Red Bank Veterinary Hospital close by. They offer 24/7 emergency appointments, even on holiday weekends.


I am ridiculously proud Gonzo loves the vet. Appointments hold no terror for him. Quite the opposite in fact- he is very excited and happy to meet every dog and person around. Even when in pain. Nothing stops the love fest.


Gonzo visits the vet
Gonzo can’t wait to see the pretty veterinarian!

I’ve worked really hard with my dogs to make the veterinarian a positive experience. Despite his pain, Gonzo allowed the vet and vet techs to manipulate his hindquarters like a superstar. I was a proud dog mama.


It was determined during his appointment that he has pain in his hips. He’d injured himself while wrestling with Beau but honestly, I hear “hips” and I have flashbacks to my German Shepherd Dog who deteriorated rapidly from hip dysplasia while I was a child. My blood ran cold even as I maintained my outward composure. Do not get upset, do not get upset. 


We decided to take the conservative approach and give Gonzo two weeks of limited walks, no stairs, and absolutely no wrestling with his furry brother. If rest and an anti-inflammatory diet don’t work, then we will probably x-ray to see if this is something bigger. Crossing paws that it is not necessary!


There are quite a few things that I will be doing to help Gonzo.


Vet Recommendations

  • Rest.
  • No stairs.
  • No wrestling.
  • Anti-inflammatory medication.

Complementary Care and Pain Management

  • Massage for the surrounding areas to remove spasms and provide pain relief. Inflamed areas should not be massaged as it increases circulation and swelling. *Please contact a certified and insured professional animal massage therapist to avoid injuring your pet. 
  • Contact an integrative or holistic veterinarian for acupuncture, and see if he or she recommends cold laser therapy or a chiropractic adjustment.
  • Use a topical anti-inflammatory.
  • Green-Lipped Mussels. A natural supplement containing Omega-3’s, aiding joints, and reducing pain and inflammation.
  • Anti-inflammatory diet. I will be doing a 30-day trial of Nom Nom Now. This company provides fresh, home-cooked meals delivered to my door. There are recipes that contain naturally “cooling” foods that are perfect for a dog with inflammation and each recipe includes fish oil as well for those important Omega-3s.


Keep your paws crossed for my boy. He’s too young to be developing hip dysplasia or arthritis. I hope this was just a bit of rough play gone wrong. No matter the age though, it is never fun for a pet to be hurting.


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  1. Poor Gonzo! I hope he feels better soon. I’m interested in how the topical anti inflammatory works.

    1. Thank you, he’s feeling better which as you know means trouble keeping him on the right path to recovery because he wants to run! My cooling spray works uses a blend of essential oils to reduce inflammation and provide pain relief. I’ve found it works well on my clients with arthritis or after a long hike too. If you are interested in trying it, I sell it in my shop. Cooling Muscle Spray.

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