#beBold The Timid Rider

Featured Equestrienne Questionnaire

#beBold Featured Equestrienne Questionnaire


I’m working on a new book featuring motivational and inspirational women in the equine industry. I’m looking for women pushing boundaries, making a difference to humans or horses, and being positive role models. All disciplines, all corners of the world, and all ages.

These women will also be featured on The Timid Rider in a new series but in traditional Q & A format rather than a feature.

Do you have someone that has inspired you to be a better person or equestrian? Please feel free to nominate them below, or send an introduction email. They may also directly access the questionnaire found at the bottom of the page.

Those chosen to be featured may be contacted for additional questions or quotes, and will also have the opportunity to verify the information prior to publication of the final book.

*Submissions may be posted on the blog but it does not guarantee inclusion in the final book. The first Q & A is now live on my site (timidrider.com) under “Interviews”.




Featured Equestrienne Questionnaire


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