Putting the “Fun” in Fundraising

How many of us have humiliated ourselves for the sake of our pets?

I’m talking to the pet owners who can be found jumping up and down trying to get a great picture of their horse or dog with ears forward or head tilted. The owners who talk baby talk to encourage their picky eaters to eat their food.

Admit it- there is something you’ve done for your pet that you are not proud of.


Well, I’m picking up the gauntlet. Next week, I will be “singing” karaoke to benefit The Brodie Fund. The Brodie Fund is a non-profit organization that helps pets fight cancer by providing grant money for treatment when the owners may not otherwise be able to afford it.


It’s an amazing organization that I am proud to have recently become a part of. And to honor this, I will take my non-singing/ no talent voice and sing karaoke in front of both friends and strangers.



Now, this may not seem like a big deal to some. Perhaps it seems like too big a deal to others. I’m an ambivert. What is that you ask? I’m a born introvert with social tendencies. While I’m happy to fly quiet and solo in most instances, sometimes I seek or even covet social situations. I’ll be honest though, I never seek to embarrass myself purposely.


Why the embarrassment?


Well, I have a few great qualities. Singing is not one of them. In fact, it’s pretty low on the totem pole. I have no pitch, no tune, and no talent. But what I do have is nerve and a whole lot of sass. 


But some things are worth looking silly for, right?


The Brodie Fund is holding a fundraiser this Wednesday night, July 19th at Dive! In Sea Bright New Jersey. Do you live in New Jersey and like music? This is probably not your venue. Just kidding- come on out and join us while we raise money for pets with cancer. At the very least you can support The Brodie Fund and make fun of me at the same time. 


There will be cash prizes for those with actual talent and our guest judges include a DJ and an actor of Clerks-fame.


Can’t make it? You can donate online to The Brodie Fund to help pets fight cancer.


We’re putting the “fun” in fundraising.

Sing your Heart Out

What is the silliest thing you’ve done for your pets?

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