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An Impromptu Surprise With Harmony Horsemanship

I’ve never been a fangirl. I have met and hung out with celebrities and famous musicians whom I’ve liked and thought were really cool. But everyone who knows me knows that I tend to like animals more than most people. Just a personality quirk- perhaps left over from my childhood shyness. Who knows? I’m no psychotherapist. But I’m much more likely to recognize the handsome and scopey Cynar than Jessica Springsteen. So was I excited to meet an equine movie star? You know it.


A twist of fate. A stop by my barn to drop off a gift basket for my friends at Lancaster Equestrian Stables turned into a impromptu meeting and Q & A session with Lindsay Partridge of Harmony Horsemanship and her movie star horse, Dreamer. Theirs is a truly inspiring story.


Lindsey Partridge has a number of credentials to her name but until recently she was actually a full time nurse. This is something that I can relate too as I left a career in publishing to pursue my dream working with animals. To read more about that, read My Middle-Aged Equestrian Reinvention.


Some of Lindsey’s credentials include:

  • Winner of 2016 Recycled Racehorse Project Competitive Trails and Freestyle
  • Trainer, Owner & Rider of America’s Most Wanted Thoroughbred 2015
  • Centered Riding Level 1 Coach
  • Parelli Level 4 in Freestyle/Finesse
  • Equine Canada Rider Level 8
  • NHA Platinum Coach & Trainer


Dreamer is a rescue horse and was given a second chance at life. He was given to Lindsey because he was so aggressive to other horses in the field that it resulted in the accidental death of a herd mate. It was his last resort. Harmony Horsemanship uses a combination of natural horsemanship methods and centered riding, always striving for positive communication. Dreamer has come a long way from where he started. He now stars in the movie, Unbridled, a film based on the true story of rescue horses and young, at risk girls in North Carolina. They were in town for a few days to promote the movie, which ended up winning two awards at New York’s Equus Film Festival, including that of Best Feature Film.


Lindsey Partridge and Dreamer providing an impromptu demonstration
Lindsey Partridge and Dreamer providing an impromptu demonstration.

Although he’d been cooped up for hours on the trailer, approximately 10 hours from his home barn in Ontario, Canada (when you avoid the blizzards), he had personality but was surprisingly calm. After her demo and Q & A session Lindsey and her companion Franny took him into one of the rings to exercise him after the long ride. She jumped fences in her western saddle and performed side passes and circles to stretch him and release tension.


Sometimes in life you have these amazing opportunities. I don’t believe in coincidences and I’m so glad to have met Lindsey and Dreamer. He is proof that there are no hopeless cases and that reinventing yourself is possible. After his schooling I was so pleased to offer Dreamer a mini massage to relieve some tension in his neck and shoulder. This was something I could give him. I saw an immediate response to my touch. However, the best thank you I could receive came from Dreamer himself through a hug. I am officially a fan!


Lindsey Partridge schooling Dreamer at Lancaster Equestrian Stables
Lindsey Partridge schooling Dreamer at Lancaster Equestrian Stables.

A horsemanship demonstration, exercise, and a little massage from yours truly. The rest of his weekend was spent on a beautiful trail ride through our gorgeous Monmouth County woods finishing up with a tour of the New York City streets. Dreamer made a splash, not only as a movie star but as a horse on the town:


For more information about Lindsey Partridge visit Harmony Horsemanship. She has a new horse she procured while visiting the Garden State, “Blizz”, that she will be training for the Retired Racehorse Project in 2017. We wish them the best!

Do you have a rescue horse? I would love to hear your stories!


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