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Helping Pets Fight Cancer with The Brodie Fund

Cancer is something that many pet owners don’t consider, or feel is too costly to treat. Not all veterinary practices have an oncologist on staff. Some but not all insurance companies don’t cover cancer claims. A local non-profit strives to help pets and their owners by providing grants for cancer treatment.

Pet Cancer Hits Home

My in-laws had two purebred boxers (unrelated), both of which died of brain cancer while very young. Unfortunately neither dog was treatable, but my in-laws would have spent all their resources on treatment if given the chance, and did pay for scans and imaging leading to the diagnosis. Not only did they not have veterinary insurance but most insurance carriers will not cover cancer treatments, which are incredibly expensive and average about $4000.

Nearby is Red Bank Veterinary Hospital, Gonzo and Beau’s veterinarians and they have  veterinary oncologists on staff. One of these specialists is a friend of mine and introduced me to Sally Williams, the founder of The Brodie Fund. Formed in June 2016, The Brodie Fund is a non-profit organization aiming to give pet owners grants to fund cancer treatment for their pets and began because of a personal battle with pet cancer.

“Brodie was a part of our family and patriarch of the four fabulous felines in the William’s clan. Brodie was also a warrior, a cancer warrior. He was the co-founder of Team Brodie and the inspiration for The Brodie Fund.”

— The Brodie Fund
Picture courtesy of The Brodie Fund.
Picture courtesy of The Brodie Fund.

A grant from The Brodie Fund may cover:

  •     Chemotherapy
  •     Radiation
  •     Surgery
  •     Acupuncture
  •     Hospice Care



According to Sally, she tends to focus on cases that may otherwise be turned down by other non-profits, such as senior animals or animals with a prognosis of 6-12 months WITH treatment. Her focus is on quality of life.


Warrior Pose for Pets

On April 22, 2017 The Brodie Fund will host their second annual fundraiser, Warrior Pose For Pets. Last year, ONE studio raised $1300 in a 2-hour yoga event benefiting the fund. 100% of the proceeds go to grants for oncology costs. In only it’s second year, the fund has added to its fundraiser 15 studios throughout New Jersey, Philadelphia, Florida, Washington D.C., Massachusetts, Alaska, and Hawaii.


Many of you treat your pets as family, as I do. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my dogs and I often say that my dogs listen better than my kids (mostly true). When my kids are sick, I worry. But when my dogs don’t feel well I start to panic. They can’t tell me what is wrong, and medical expenses can be enormous.  Luckily my dogs love to visit the veterinarian so they get regular preventative care without any fear or anxiety.  But preventative care is one thing, what happens if the unthinkable happens and your pet is diagnosed with cancer? The Brodie Fund is there to help finance the cost of treatment and improve your animal’s quality of life.


How You Can Help

For more information on Warrior Pose For Pets or to buy tickets visit their website. You may also submit a donation in memory of a pet.


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