In Memoriam: Jaxson the Beagle, Adventurer and Dogcation Lover

My heart hurts as I write this. As I put these words down, my beloved friend and client, Jaxson the Beagle (of Dogcation series fame) is saying goodbye to his family and crossing the rainbow bridge. This is my in memoriam goodbye message.



I came to know Jaxson in the last year of his life when his owner Amy Molnar Schwebel sought our canine massage services for his arthritis. We massaged Jaxson every month and it was wonderful to see him become more active and increasingly happy to see us.

Jaxson was born April 2006 in Florida and had a zest for life.

He was a gentle soul that loved new smells and adventures. He loved going on dogcations with his family, Mike and Amy Molnar Schwebel to places like Asheville, NC, Cape May, NJ, Vermont, Key West, FL and many more. He especially loved the beach.

Beach days are the best days to Jaxson the Beagle. 
Beach days are the best days to Jaxson the Beagle.


Friday was his last massage. He excitedly came to greet us tail wagging and then went straight to his Barbour bed and FLOPPED into it. Seriously, just dropped down and waited for us to massage him. It was so cute and we all laughed.

A final canine massage for Jaxson.
A final canine massage for Jaxson.


Afterward he went out with his parents to a lovely steak and seafood dinner in Princeton, New Jersey.

Someone looks hungry......
Someone looks hungry….

Jaxson’s 10-inch tumor was pressing on his stomach and diaphragm. He showed no symptoms of pain or discomfort until that later that evening, and passed away Sunday with his fur mom and dad by his side.

It’s not easy to lose a loved one. His human parents are stricken by grief. But Jaxson’s adventures live on in our memories, and here in the Dogcation series. He will never be gone from our hearts.

Good bye my friend.



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  1. Beautifully put. Jaxson would want his memory and zest for dogcations to live on, so I will continue with the dogcation series soon.

    1. Thank you Amy. I’ll be thinking about Jaxson tomorrow, and I know that he’s having adventures where he is.

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