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My Dogs Have Spring Fever- Wildlife Beware

Spring is in the air. It’s the first blush of March and the Groundhog got it wrong because it has been seriously gorgeous for over a week. Highly suspect in New Jersey. My dogs are going wild- literally.  Their natural instincts have completely kicked in to high gear.

Happens every spring. The ground softens, small animals come out of hibernation, and others have babies. All this = holes in my yard. EVERYWHERE. I live in a beautiful area, perfectly suburban but with private woods and a creek behind my house. All in all this means a lot of wildlife. Perfect for a nature lover like me. I never know what will be in my yard. We have had wild turkeys, white-tailed deer, foxes, groundhogs, snakes, and even snapping turtles.

Last year Gonzo uprooted a nest of baby rabbits and embarked on his adventures into the raw diet. I spent what felt like a lifetime chasing him around the yard and trying to pry it out of his mouth. He would not let his prize go. I won’t go into detail about the broken lattice under the deck he rammed through or the squeals that still haunt me. My husband came home to find me hysterically sobbing, covered in blood (the baby rabbit’s) and Gonzo proud as anything with the worst breathe imaginable. I forgave him eventually- after all it’s his instinct- but it took awhile.

Beau, of course, would not be outdone. Apparently we had a nest of birds in the playhouse roof. One of the new babies fell out, and I found it Beau’s mouth. It was dead before it hit the ground but he let me take it and bury it in the woods. Luckily the next one he found a few weeks later was only stunned and I was able to save it. Beau will literally eat anything but he loves me more than food- and gave up his spoils when asked.

I dread the spring as much as I look forward to it. I love my dogs, but their hunting instincts keep me on edge trying to protect the wildlife around me.  I love where I live. I’m so lucky to have such amazing and yes, naughty, dogs.  I do love a sassy personality. But I fear for the baby bunnies and birds. You can read more in detail about Gonzo and Beau here on my blog in the Canine Chronicle.


Do your dogs get spring fever? Share your story by commenting below!


  • Shanna

    We go through this every year. I found Arliss’s first lizard victim last week. He’s never had a rabbit, but plenty of lizards, frogs, mice, and birds. Best of luck to both of us!

    • Heather Wallace

      Oooh, we haven’t had a lizard yet although every breeding season I have to shoo away a female snapping turtle. I shudder to think about that meeting. Good luck with Arliss!

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