Welcome to Adulting with Horses, the best place to be if you can’t be at the barn. We are your co-hosts and equine authors, Heather Wallace and Natalie Keller Reinert. We are a bit of an equestrian odd couple and we think that makes it so much more fun!

As crazy horse girls, we don’t take ourselves too seriously in the saddle or out. We celebrate the things that make us different! Join us as we talk about horses and pop culture, and get a little weird in a fun way!

Our episodes will drop the first and third Friday of each month, just in time for the weekend! We won’t be doing traditional interviews in this podcast. Instead we’ll be chatting about very important topics such as the weirdest friends our horses have made and whether we prefer superheroes or supervillains- and why. Occasionally we will welcome a guest host onto the show to discuss these important, thought-provoking issues and be part of the weird horse girl club!

Put down the muck rake, turn up the volume, and listen to the weirdest (but most fun) horse girls in the US and beyond.


Heather Wallace is short, sassy, and bold on the ground but not in the saddle! She is on a personal journey as a returning adult equestrian to follow her passion despite struggling with anxiety, trying to balance motherhood, and build a small business. Of course, she can’t do it alone! She has Ferrous, her confidence-building pony and Delight, her heart horse and an off-track Thoroughbred who challenges her in every way.

She is the award-winning author of non-fiction books Confessions of a Timid Rider, Adulting with Horses, and Girl Forward: A Tale of One Woman’s Unlikely Adventure in Mongolia as well as the awarding winning blog, The Timid Rider.

Heather lives in New Jersey with her husband, three daughters, three rescue dogs, and her horses (of course!).

Natalie Keller Reinert is the award-winning author of more than a dozen books exploring love, human nature, and the passions which make us tick. With an extensive equestrian background, many of her books are set in the world of horses and horse-people. Drawing on her professional experience working with Thoroughbred racehorses, mounted patrol horses, therapeutic riding, three-day-eventing, and many other equine pursuits, Reinert brings her love of the equestrian life into each of her titles.
Today, Reinert lives in Central Florida with her family, including a lazy foxhound and a white-blazed mustang named Ben.
Visit nataliekreinert.com for a free book introducing you to the world of Reinert’s fiction!

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