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Personalized Dog Collars by Geopetric

Are you look for a sustainable, personalized dog collar with eye-catching patterns?

Geopetric is a small business based in Winter Park, Florida that specializes in recyclable pet products. They make incredible custom engraved dog collars and other products for dogs, cats, and even humans! The brand has a strong passion for natural products and a humanitarian bent. Two things I hold dear.

Geopetric personal dog collar

“Geopetric is an exclusive pets for pets brand! Providing quality-first, vegan, cruelty-free pet products. Each product we create is crafted by us in the U.S. and was designed to represent your personal style…and offers stylish accessories to represent the connection you share with your hooman too!”

— Geopetric

A percentage of every order is donated to reputable animals shelters and rescues around the world. A different donation recipient is chosen each month to benefit from their sales. Non-profits that would like to be a donation recipient are encouraged to apply online through the Geopetric website.

Animal rescue is important to me.  Both Gonzo and Beau were rescued from kill shelters in the southern United States. I am so grateful for these dogs every day and cannot imagine my life without them in it.

I support Geopetric’s efforts but more, I absolutely love their products! Ordering through the website is simple and easy. I chose to order the earthly friendly Cork & Canvas collars with personalization. After all, my dogs are incredibly handsome and need to show off their individual style. My personalized collars shipped within 24 hours and arrived closely thereafter, only delayed slightly in transit because of the snowstorm.

Gonzo and Beau both have Deluxe Collars in Large, which fit them perfectly. My dogs are mutts but are classified as large breed weighing in between 75-80 lbs each. The engraving was only an additional $10, and it looks amazing on the cork. Bonus, with the personalized engraving on the dog collar they do not need a name tag.

Personal pet collar by Geopetric

While I bought the tagless dog collars, Geopetric also sells coordinating harnesses and leashes if you are a matchy-matchy person and expect the same of your fashionable dog.

Attention to detail and fun patterns dominate Geopetric’s line of customizable pet products. But this small pet business does not discriminate against the human counterparts. Fashionable dog moms and dads now may have accessories to match their pet’s products.

Geopetric pet collar

Don’t they look handsome? They get compliments on their collars wherever they go. While both my dogs are microchipped and have identity tags, it makes me feel better to have their names on their collars. When I take them on long walks or to the beach, they love that everyone knows their name!

The collars are holding up surprisingly well given my dogs are constantly wrestling and running around outside. The material is thick and has held up well over the last few months. The colors are beautifully vibrant despite my dogs’ intentions to get as dirty as possible. Soon I will definitely have to hand wash the collars keep the colors vibrant.

It can be overwhelming. There are so many styles to choose from. Not sure what style is best for your dog or cat? Take the Pet Style Personality Quiz!

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