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10 Best Health & Wellness Posts of 2017

Bridle & Bone began as a way to address the natural health and wellness for horses and dogs we see in our practice at Bridle & Bone Wellness. Our bodies, and those of our animals, respond best when we address the root cause of a problem. It wasn’t until the mid- to late-18th century that “modern” medicine as we know it took root. While you may think this is new age it is, in fact, what was used for thousands of years. Read on for my most post Health and Wellness posts for 2017.

Best of Animal Health & Wellness


  1. Everything You Need to Know to Prevent Ticks and Lyme Disease

Preventing Ticks and Lyme Disease

Working with horses in the mid-atlantic United States, ticks and Lyme disease are a huge concern. From early spring through early winter, I pluck ticks off horses while grooming or before massage. Many of these horses suffer from Lyme disease at one point or another, and a large amount of our clients have arthritis. How can you prevent ticks and Lyme Disease?


  1. Guest Post: How I Use Thermal Imaging in Equine Massage


I love that this guest post is so widely read. I found this extremely interesting. A fellow equine massage therapist uses thermal imaging to note areas of tension and decreased circulation before and after massage. Often horse owners are ambivalent or downright disbelieving of the health benefits of massage. As many say, seeing is believing.


  1. Top 5 Ways to Prevent Dog Park Injury

Top Ways to Prevent Injury at the Dog Park

This is one of my favorites and it was based on a client of ours, and one of my favorite pitbulls. Our young client loves the dog park. But as a heavily-muscled breed he injured his CCL while at the dog park and has needed not one, but two surgeries (one on each hind leg). To hopefully avoid this happening to others, I wrote this post with the best practices to avoid dog injury at the dog park.


  1. Beginner’s Guide to Using Essential Oils on Animals

Beginner's Guide to Using Essential Oils on Animals

Look no further if you are interested in using essential oils on your horse or dog. This is an overview describing essential oils, hydrosols, the most popular oils for horses and for dogs, and how to apply them.


  1. Why Your Horse Needs Sports Massage Immediately

Equine Sports Massage

This is cornerstone content for my website, because at the end of the day I am a certified equine massage therapist. In the US massage therapy is not yet widely recognized as part of an equine wellness program, and often scoffed at my old school horse folk. But the benefits: physical, mental, and emotional are very real. Here is an overview of why every horse needs massage.


  1. The Ultimate Guide to Phytocannabinoids for Horses

CBD for Horses

Sponsored post. I’ve had the pleasure to work with Treatibles for the last year. An amazing small business with the health of animals at the forefront of their minds. After using the CBD treats with my dog Beau and seeing the benefits, I was curious as to the potential use in horses. To my excitement, Treatibles has released a new high dose of phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) oil for large animals in mind. Read on to learn more about what PCR oil is and how it can benefit your horse.


  1. Green-Lipped Mussels: Are They Strong Enough to Combat Arthritis?


Nutrition is extremely important to the health and wellness of your pet. Supplements are a great way to provide essential nutrients to both horses and dogs, especially if you have animals that are at risk for joint problems such as arthritis. Learn why green-lipped mussels may be the super food you need.


  1. The Best Holistic Therapies for Your Dog’s Arthritis

Best Holistic Therapies for Your Dog's Arthritis


Does your dog suffer from arthritis? Find the best holistic therapies to reduce inflammation and relieve pain naturally, without the aid of medicine. These holistic therapies include: Sports Massage; Acupuncture; Cold Laser Treatment; Nutrition; Supplements; and Essential Oils.


  1. Guest Post: Acupuncture for the Veterinary Cancer Patient

Acupuncture and the Veterinary Cancer Patient

An extremely information guest post from my friends and colleagues, Dr. Michelle Morges and Dr. Kendra Pope. Both practice acupuncture on their veterinary cancer patients and here’s what they have to say about it.


  1. What Can I Give My Dog to Reduce His Anxiety?


While this is a sponsored post, I absolutely love this product. My baby dog Beau is very reactive and timid, but at 80 pounds this can be quite dangerous. Especially because his breed is designed to guard loved ones. And he excels at his job. But he could do with a good dose of doggy Prozac. Is that an option? Not really. I heard of CBD dog treats at a pet blogger’s conference and was eager to try them for myself. So I did. Read on to find out why this is my most popular health & wellness post of 2017.


Thank you for reading Bridle & Bone. My goal is prevention above all things, and these posts give a lot of helpful information that is important for any horse or dog owner.

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