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Guest Post: Top Careers for People Who Love Dogs

If you enjoy spending time with your four-legged companions, the idea of turning your love for animals into a legitimate career must have crossed your mind. So what are the top careers for people who love dogs?



Choosing a dog-related job can be a rewarding experience. It not only enables you to work with animals and care for them, but also gives you a chance to bond with your dearest pet of all. Here are some top careers for dog lovers to consider.

Boarding Kennel Attendant/ Doggie Day Care Worker

Doggie day care centers or boarding kennels are great workplaces for those who want to spend time with dogs and take care of them. Most likely, you won’t be required to have any previous experience in working with dogs and they will organize training for you at the center. If you choose to be a kennel attendant, your job will involve cleaning up after the dogs and providing care for them during their stay at the center. If the kennel is a part of veterinary practice, you may also be given a chance to work as a vet assistant. On the other hand, doggie day care workers are those who watch over the dogs during their playtime, and these dogs only stay at the center for a day.

Animal Behaviorist


Becoming an animal behaviorist requires receiving a thorough education. An animal behaviorist works with pets and their owners to shed light on unwanted behavioral patterns in a pet and find a way to solve the problem. If you choose to become an applied animal behaviorist, your job will involve solving psychological issues with dogs. You will need to complete postgraduate programs in behavioral science. Alternatively, you can become a veterinary behaviorist, but for this, you’ll need to become a licensed vet first. You’ll need to go through a serious internship and gain other high qualifications in order to be able to work as a board-certified specialist.

Dog Groomer


If you believe that dogs deserve their place on the fashion stage, then dog grooming might be the perfect job for you. A dog groomer’s job is to make sure that their customers look and smell amazing at all times and for all occasions whether it’s a special event or daily routine.

Dog Breeder


The road of becoming a dog breeder is challenging and requires your absolute dedication to the job. It’s not only about raising and selling purebred dogs; it’s about ensuring that these puppies grow in a safe and comfortable environment and that they get proper care and attention. Before you decide to swim in these waters, it’s important to get in touch with other reputable dog breeders and seek thorough information and advice. Although this job requires a lot of time, money, and personal effort in order to be done properly, it offers great fulfillment at the end of the day.

Pet Sitter


Nowadays, there are plenty of options for people who seek flexible working hours. Among these are online platforms that offer pet sitting services to pet owners while they are away. You can set your own price and take care of the pets in the comfort of your own home or go to other homes to care for dogs while their owners are out of town. The duties include feeding, walking, medicating, playing and cleaning up after the dogs. Some sitters are asked to spend the night, but most just visit 2-3 times a day. This is a great opportunity to earn extra money while spending time with delightful pooches.

Dog Trainer


The job of a dog trainer is to teach dogs basic and advanced commands and show dog owners how to do the same. The job is diverse, and you can teach dogs that belong to working breeds or future service dogs. It’s also quite common to teach dogs that will be performing in front of TV and film cameras. Although you’re not required to have any specific qualifications for this job, it’s essential that you have the ability to understand the canine mind well and that you are very patient. It’s a good idea to become an apprentice of an experienced dog trainer to learn all the tricks of the trade.

Dog Show Handler


The role of a dog show handler is to manage the dogs during the shows with the goal of winning a championship title. In order to become a successful dog show handler, you need to have extensive knowledge of breed standards and a rich experience in working at dog shows. You may also be expected to travel a lot.

Pet Supply Attendant


If you choose to work in a pet supply store as an attendant, your job will be to advertise and sell a wide range of pet products from food to toys. You’ll also get a chance to learn more about these products and meet a lot of new canine friends. This job comes with the opportunity to progress, and once you’ve gained enough experience and knowledge, you can set up your own pet-supply business.

Veterinary Medicine


Being a part of veterinary medicine personnel will give you an opportunity to provide treatment to sick animals and promote their wellbeing. As being a veterinarian requires attending a veterinary school previously, you can choose some more attainable options, such as becoming a vet technician or a vet assistant.

Public Service


Working with dogs in public service has many benefits, one of them being a sense of fulfillment for helping people in need. You can work with police or military dogs, or with dogs that are 


trained to find lost people. Another option is to engage in pet therapy and visit schools and hospitals together with your canine friend and help people who are feeling distressed.

Now that you’ve learned how you can mix your love for dogs with successful career opportunities, choose a job that suits you most and start working with your furry friends.


About the writer: Olivia is psychologist and entrepreneur from Brisbane. Mother of two beautiful children and proud owner of two silly boxer dogs,Teo and Mia. She is passionate about writing and always inspiring her readers to be clever in their lives. Her motto is “Be the change you want to see in the world.

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