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Top Ten Posts of 2018


2018 was a banner year for me in many ways. While my blog Bridle & Bone was nominated for Best Beyond Paws Pet Blog, shortly after I needed to rebrand due to the closing of my partnership of a similar name. While it was extremely stressful and upsetting at the time, it made me step back and ask myself what I really wanted to focus on with the blog and what message I wanted to send.



And so, The Timid Rider was born. One of my blog’s most engaging and popular blog categories was Confessions of a Timid Rider.  I realized that my self-doubt and confidence issues were shared by many around the world. And you know what? I am not better than anyone else. I am an everyday mom who returned to riding and feels sometimes that she isn’t quite good at it. The only difference is that I am putting my anxiety out there for the world to see and share.


That is terrifying in so many ways. Some would say I’m inviting criticism. Luckily my experience has been supportive and others sharing of their own stories. THAT is the reason I keep going.


My goal with the blog and my book, Confessions of a Timid Rider is to motivate and inspire women to be bold, brave, and honest with themselves. In so doing, they can achieve certain freedom and move forward to follow their dreams. It isn’t easy and it isn’t perfect, but neither are we and there is nothing wrong with that.


And so, the blog’s focus changed a little over the last several months and I’m really happy with the direction we’re going. I also opened a closed group on Facebook called The Timid Riders, which is a supportive group where riders can share their stories, challenges, and triumphs privately and with others cheering them on. There are so many exciting things coming our way!


10. Why Every Child Should Ride Horses

A rare childhood photo of me at the Kentucky Horse Park.

My children are literally raised in a barn. There are so many benefits to having children grow up around horses. Understanding their environment, breathing fresh air, and getting dirty is only part of it. Working in partnership with a horse creates confidence that can rarely be found elsewhere.


9. Keeping Your Horse Calm Naturally During Stall Rest

Horses do best when they can spend their days grazing and roaming out in the paddocks. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible. Poor weather, injury, and rehabilitation mean too much time pent up. Rather than sedating your animal chemically, there are several options to keep your horse calm using natural alternatives.


8. Awesome Gal: A Story of Soring, Healing, and Hope


Awesome Gal and Sissy
Photo courtesy of Cameron Ring.

The best equine films are based in truth. Attending the Equus Film Festival this year and last provided the opportunity to see international documentaries and films celebrating the horse/ human relationship.


Last year, Awesome Gal was being filmed and I fell in love with the story and the message. This year, the trailer has been released and the film has been submitted to several festivals. Learn a little more about the true story behind the movie in this post.


7. Reset Your Riding

Did you ever take a much-needed break and get out of your everyday grind only to come back more motivated? Sometimes it is necessary. This post was written after I returned from Mongolia where I spent two weeks watching others have the time of their lives on Mongolian horses. 


6. Personalized Dog Collars by Geopetric

Geopetric Custom Pet Collar


One of my first product reviews and still very popular. The Geopetric dog collars are made from recycled material and can be customized with your pet’s name. Not only that, but you can have a matching bracelet if you want to be Dog Mom AF as my friends Gals Best Friend and Tori Mistick like to say. Not only have my dogs kept theirs in prime condition for almost two years, a nearly impossible task, but they also donate a percentage of each sale to a pet shelter.


5. The Gobi Desert Cup

Heather Wallace Official Photographer The Gobi Desert Cup
© Heather Wallace/ The Gobi Desert Cup

With the exception of releasing my book, attending The Gobi Desert Cup last August was the highlight of my year. I miscalculated how much of a life-changing experience this would be for me even as an official rather than a rider. I’m so proud to be part of the team that creates such a unique endurance race with the priority of horse and riders #1, all while providing a sustainable income to the nomadic people of Mongolia.

4. Therapeutic Riding: Teaching Special Needs Children About Confidence

My family has seen firsthand the benefits of therapeutic riding. My daughter has been in a local program since she was four years old to help improve her motor skills as a result of a stroke she had as an infant. Children with Cerebral Palsy experience a variety of symptoms including speech issues, muscle spasticity, and imbalance. As her parents, we feared how others would treat her because she is visibly different. However, through her amazing personality and the confidence she has found through her occupational therapy camp and horseriding, she has flourished. Listen to Cameron in her own words, describe confidence on horseback after she completed at the Horse Park of New Jersey.


3. Pumpkin, the Amazingly Powerful Food You Need to Feed Your Horse and Dog Now

Pumpkin, the Amazingly Powerful Food You Need to Feed Your Horse and Dog Now

I love natural health and wellness for my pets. Pumpkin is one of my favorite foods to include in my dog’s diet and is also extremely beneficial for horses. Learn why through this popular, educational post.


2. Guest Post: Providing Laminitis Pain Relief with Equine Massage Therapy

I don’t accept many guests posts, and haves stopped accepting them all together about six months ago. However, as a certified equine sports massage therapist (ESMT) I both feel and see the benefits on horses. This article describes the effect of massage on horses with laminitis.

1. The Ultimate Guide to Phytocannabinoids for Horses

Treatibles Horse Peppermint

Nothing says natural health and wellness like the benefits of CBD or phytocannabinoids. Learn more about what phytocannabinoids are, what they benefit, and how to use them effectively with your horses.


Thank You

Thank you for reading, commenting, and for your support. Here is to another amazing year because of you!


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