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Equestrienne: Karen Bowersox

Welcome back to my #beBold series on female equestrians making a difference in the horse world. Today we meet Karen Bowersox, one half of the couple at Major League Eventing.

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What is your experience with horses?

I started riding when I was 7 years old. I grew up mainly doing hunters but always wanted to event. As I got older, married and became a mother of 2 sons I started riding again and then eventually bought an OTTB to start Eventing. Both of my sons started riding and I began teaching lessons at a local farm. Now my youngest son is pursuing a career in Eventing and is riding with one of the best in the world. Last year my husband and I started Major League Eventing to help promote this awesome sport!

What do you do?

Trainer or Instructor/ Marketing Manager/ Media Publishing

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What is your business name?

Major League Eventing

Why did you begin your business or pursue your passion?

Eventing is one of the best disciplines in horse sports! The sport lacks media coverage and prize money. My husband and I started Major League Eventing to bring this awesome discipline to the forefront and help it grow.

What is unique about you or your brand?

I believe I am the voice of the Eventing fan. Through our podcast we ask professional riders questions about them and not just about an event that they recently won. We are making these riders more personable and because of this they are getting more fans and more following.

How does your brand or business positively affect other equestrians or horse welfare?

Through Major League Eventing, other equestrians have gained sponsorship, sold horses, and gained students/clients.

What keeps you motivated or inspired?

The constant emails and reviews from listeners about how an interview helped them get through tough times.

Who has influenced you and why?

My husband Rob. Our business was his idea. He works hard editing interviews and researches what we need to keep our business going.

How could your story benefit others?

I believe others can benefit by not giving up and learning that just because I don’t ride like I used to I’m still involved in a big way with the sport that I love.

What advice would you give to someone starting on a new adventure or business?

Just do it! Don’t wait. Everyone has to start somewhere and why let someone else take your idea and be successful.

Make sure to listen to Major League Eventing, “For Eventing Fans by Eventing Fans” on their website.

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