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Horse Show Mom

Confessions of a Timid Rider: I Became a “Horse Show Mom”


My youngest daughters, age 6, had their first horse show. They’ve been riding horses for three months, and were so excited to have their first schooling show at our barn. I confess I was a little nervous for them. After all, I get terrible show nerves. Do these look like nervous riders to you? 


Horse Show Mom
My daughters were excited to have their first horse show! Photo credit: Jason Wallace


I’ve technically been a horse show mom a few times with my oldest daughter. She is my hero, strong, courageous, and cool as a cucumber. The twins are another story. They are much more high maintenance and one of them struggles with some anxiety, just like me. So I was very nervous because I didn’t know how they would behave.


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The Day Before the Horse Show

Flash back 24 hours. Anyone who has a significant other knows that they can be extremely frustrating. I had to work Saturday and asked my husband to have my daughter try on her older sister’s show breeches. I needed to know if they fit, otherwise I had to stop at the tack store on my way home from work.

Did this happen? Nope. My husband carried on with his day, continuously walking around the center island. The breeches folded nicely on the counter in direct line of sight. I will acknowledge that she wasn’t feeling too well, perhaps nerves or fighting an infection, but no clothes were tried on that day.

So I came home from work and went about my business as usual. Enter 7 PM and she is miraculously better and wants to attend the horse show the next morning. Alas, her older sister’s show breeches were way too big. Because nothing is ever easy. 

I run around like a crazy woman before the stores close attempting to find tan pants that I can substitute for breeches, a button down shirt, and show ribbons. Because these have all apparently gone missing. Super. I was annoyed. It would have been a lot easier to stop at the tack shop after work and get all items, instead of running to four different stores to find items that may be a good alternative.

The Horse Show

Getting the twins ready for the show was a little stressful for me. On any given day getting my children ready for school, much less an event, is an exercise in patience. Luckily they were both excited and Zoe didn’t mind wearing tan khakis instead of breeches- even if her clothes were a size too large and made for boys. What a good sport. Doesn’t she look cute?




It’s a schooling show after all. Walking in, I knew the judge and had a feeling that she wouldn’t be too strict about the show clothing for the littles. After all she’s got a precious little equestrian granddaughter. 


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All nerves aside, I was so proud of my girls. They have only been riding a few, short months.  They had never ridden in this ring, in front of children and their parents, much less a judge. But the girls seemed absolutely unflappable.

I proudly led one of my daughter’s on her pony for the show. It was such a proud mama moment.


Horse Show Mom
Robin and I lead my twins in their first horse show. Photo credit: Linda Wallace


Out of four lead line competitors, my two were the youngest and had ridden for the least amount of time. I had no grand expectations, only prayed that they would have fun. And they did! The judge asked to speak to all the riders in the class and commented on what lovely posting trots they had.


The twins and their proud trainer!
Photo credit: Linda Wallace
Photo credit: Linda Wallace
Heather Wallace, Bridle & Bone
I’m a proud mama today, because they had fun. Really, isn’t that what it’s all about?

We all came out winners today. I proudly led my daughter in her first horse show, they had fun, and they loved every minute!  My barn’s schooling shows are such a lovely way for the girls to get their feet wet. Non-competitive, with our barn family cheering them on. 


Horse Show Mom

I’m a proud Horse Show Mom.

Next up is our annual Halloween Horse Show. My daughters and their ponies get to dress up in costume. I cannot wait to photograph that! Stay tuned and subscribe today.


  • Jill

    First – your girls are ADORABLE! And you should be proud! I have a lot of friends who have kids who ride and there is a dedication and passion in those kids you do not see in other children. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE how you clarify that this is about FUN – not winning or losing. So glad they are both enjoying this so much – I really need to come spend some time at that farm with you!

    • Heather Wallace

      I would love for you to come and give you a tour of my happy place. You would love it there. And thank you so much. I asked the girls if they wanted to do it, and they both were very gung ho. My oldest has been in a few bigger shows with her therapeutic riding facility, and even been to Horse Park of New Jersey. This was a nice, small show with our barn family. Can’t ask for a better first horse show to attend. Very laid back.

    • Heather Wallace

      Right? I still get just as excited as they do! They worked hard feeding hay, cleaning tack, and sweeping the aisles before I let them take lessons. They know that it isn’t just about riding.

  • The Daily Pip

    I’m glad things went so well for your twins – even if a little stressful for you. Sounds like they handled it all so well especially for only training for a few months! Sounds like they have a great future ahead!

  • FiveSibesMom

    How exciting! Bravo to your two beautiful girls! As a former equestrian whose Mom (who was nervous at times she told me many years later) always came with me to all of my shows when I was young, so this post just warms my heart. Your girls look like they were born to ride and show! You heart must be swelling with pride! And yes, you are so right — it is all about having fun!

    • Heather Wallace

      I am so proud! Part of me is a little afraid that they like showing (it gets so expensive!) but I just want them to be happy and do what they love. Even if they change their mind later, that’s all part of it.

  • 03lin19rai16

    Oh my goodness, this is super sweet. Memories you’ll share for the rest of your life. I still remember going to shows with my mom when I was a kid. Your support means the world to them, no doubt.

  • Kamira Gayle

    Congrats to you and your girls! You did it. Whew! Now it’ll be easier and easier each time you show. You all look great. Love the photos. Look forward to seeing the Halloween pics in the near future! Glad they enjoyed themselves.

  • Stephanie Seger

    Oh, your girls are so cute! Yes, nothing can ever be easy. As much as I adore my husband, he would have done the same thing. I believe so many of these moments are to not only make us stronger, but to teach our little ones that life doesn’t always go as planned and it’s what you do about it that matters. One of my favorite quotes is “life is 10% what happens to you, 90% how you react.” Such truth in that. You figured it out, your daughter’s loved their first show, they were as cute as ever, and now they look forward to the their Halloween event. So perfect!

    • Heather Wallace

      You have such a good point! I’ll have to keep this in mind the next time something doesn’t go as planned. That would have thrown me years ago, but since having kids and working with animals I’ve learned to just wing it.

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