Confessions of a Timid Rider

I’m Full of $H&#, I Mean…Excuses

Confession: It’s Easy for Me to Rationalize the Things Holding Me Back.

A few years ago I published a fun little book based on excuses equestrians. I had used many myself but it was fun to source them from others and have a little giggle.

If I am being honest, and I always try to be honest, I make a lot of excuses to myself. I am slow as molasses when it comes to horse riding and stepping out of my comfort zone. So slow that even I get annoyed with myself.

Case in point, I’ve been really wanting to get Delight off property and on the trails. I know for a fact that he would love it and ultimately that is my goal with him. Still, I’m holding myself back. I’ve pushed back having my trailer maintenance done because I’ve been slammed with work and having the kids over the summer. Yet, if I really wanted to do it- I would have. Something is holding me back- fear.

The what-ifs have been winning.

  • What if I forgot how to drive the trailer?
  • What if my car brakes fail?
  • What if the trailer tires go flat?
  • What if I get there and Delight is a nut?
  • What if I can’t get him back on the trailer?

This isn’t logic. This is emotion. My fear is talking and taking over. I’m not proud of it. I know, however, that I’m not alone. It may not be this scenario but many of you have something holding you back. We all do.

The difference is how we react to fear. Does it freeze us in our tracks? For me, yes. Instead of having my truck and trailer checked as I’d been meaning to do, I avoided the situation and used it as an excuse.

Those that face their nerves dead on and fight through it are so opposite to me that it’s hard to fathom. Many of my friends are “fighters” and confident riders. Sometimes it makes me feel self-conscious that I have trouble pushing through it. I wish it could be so easy. It’s not. I admire them. I recognize though, that not everyone is built the same.

  • I have to do things at my own pace.
  • I have to face the things that scare me, even if it’s a small step at a time.
  • I need to remember to breath and not let my nerves control me.
  • I need to trust myself and my horse that we can handle any situation that comes our way.
  • I need to stop making excuses.

I write these confessions to help me push through mental blocks and voice my innermost thoughts. I do want to improve and face my fears. I will overcome my nerves and we will have an absolutely wonderful time together doing something we both love. But only if I can get past this mental freeze.

Do you like to make excuses, like me? Then you might find my sassy little booklet entertaining as a gift for your training or barn mate.

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