Confessions of a Timid Rider

You Won’t See Me Riding in Videos

Confession: I like to be behind the camera but that isn’t the reason you won’t see me riding.

My blog and social media are from my point of view. There are snippets of how I view the world, myself, and my life with horses. I’ve received feedback from a select few that I hide behind the camera. The truth is, I’m doing the opposite of hiding. It’s easy to fake a smile or make it look like life is perfect. The reality is far messier.

Social media is a fickle beast. Many people show their highs or a snippet of their lives of how they want things to be. The truth is, it’s augmented reality and people love it. However, it’s only part of the picture.

Delight and me in late winter this year. He’s been under saddle a handful of times since I rescued him but has been incredible. Still, we have our messy days, especially when he isn’t feeling well physically. Then, every interaction is a challenge until we address the underlying issue.

Many equestrians and micro bloggers share these wonderful riding videos training their horses or themselves in all levels and disciplines. I love watching them but always avoid the comments because inevitably there is a backseat trainer suggesting they are doing something incorrectly form a 15-second shot. There are so many things wrong with trolling someone.

⁃ This is their passion and you don’t have the right to tear them down.

⁃ A short clip doesn’t tell the whole story.

⁃ They are being open and vulnerable sharing with you, respect that.

⁃ If you see an abuse of the animal, send them a DM privately. If you don’t receive a response, consider reporting the video.

You may have noticed that I post more pictures of my horses than myself. You will rarely see an image of me on a horse, or riding. It’s not because I’m unwilling to put myself out there. Funnily, I’ve been accused of just that from some people. If sharing my personal journey was a concern, frankly I wouldn’t be writing this column.

My favorite view- Ferrous checking in with me.

Honestly, my time at the barn is for ME. I do share parts of my experiences, both good and bad, but working with my horses is cathartic- therapeutic even. I have a Pivo and GoPro but usually forget to set them up because I’m so present. I truly step away from all my problems and fears, or thoughts of creating content for my blog.

What you see on my social media is how I see the world. I don’t write to be an “influencer”, I write for myself and continue to share my journey for those of you who can relate. There may not be many videos of me riding, but I’ll be in the background enjoying life with my horses and friends, just where I love it most. I wish the same for you.

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