Confessions of a Timid Rider

Celebrate the Small Things

Confession: When the world turns to chaos, and you are scared, it is best to focus on the small things. 

Riders know the power of a positive mindset and visualizing what you want to happen. We, as a whole, need to do this now. Rise above the hysteria and fear and come together as a community to support each other. Chaos has a way of bringing out the extremes in humanity, both good and ill. I choose to put all my focus on the positive. In the good. 

My family is at home, safe and confused, but together. My husband has a job that not only allows him to work from home but is streamlined for it. Our school district has been using Google Classroom for the last few years, and it took only a few days to get in the swing of things with their teachers and access to their lessons. They are old enough to understand the seriousness but are still innocent and being kept away from the bulk of the media, and it’s nightmare-inducing reports. My dogs are soaking up all the attention despite now having to share the couch with us all. We have many blessings. 

  • We have food.
  • We have the internet.
  • We are healthy.
  • We have income.
  • We have each other.

Yes, we miss our friends and the outside world. But I know more than most how important it is to take some time to slow things down and reconnect with yourself after my travels to Mongolia with The Gobi Desert Cup.

I’ve written about rushing with work and not focusing on myself or my family. As a mother, wife, and business owner, I wear so many hats; it can be hard to focus or prioritize. I genuinely struggle with being present in the current moment or practicing mindfulness.

In the last six months, I’ve put my focus on my animal bodywork business and my clients. My schedule has been full, often booking two to three weeks out and working to naturally improve the lives of some amazing animals. My life is truly blessed. This, however, has also meant that my days are busy, I sometimes forget to eat a meal, and more often my children are walking home from the bus because I’m running late. I am lucky that I have low overhead and plenty of office work that demands my attention. I can focus on completing my Equine Ergonomist externship, updating the website, putting together some informational videos, and more all from the comfort of my own home. 

What I am looking forward to also is the time to write. I can now focus on finishing my next book, typing away while my daughters work in the next room. Depending on the time frame we are on lockdown, I may be able to complete both drafts I’m working on. Who knows? I’m trying to focus on the bright side. Putting my thoughts toward good helps me to reduce my anxiety. Especially since I’m not able to use my usual therapeutic sessions with Ferrous at the barn. 

For me, I have more anxiety over not seeing my pony than anything else. I knew the moment would come, I felt it in my gut. I could not be more grateful that my pony is at our current barn, with the owner on the property. He will continue to have attentive care, turnout, and exercise at least once a week. He will be happy and calm. While that is no small thing to me, it is what I am focusing on to keep me somewhat calm myself. 

There is so much uncertainty in the world. Fear and blame. The truth is, bad things happen. All things live in balance, and this is a virus.

  • We cannot control the virus, but we can take precautions to keep ourselves and our loved ones as safe as possible.
  • We can focus on what we CAN do, not what we cannot. 
  • We can think of how other families are struggling and do something small to help them. Donate food, offer virtual tutoring to their kids so they can work, or pay anyway for a service you have to put on hold.

A small thing to you may be a life-changing thing to someone else. Those little moments in time when one person, just one, goes out of their way to make a difference in life. 

Remember, this will pass. This is just temporary. Let this moment in time give you pause and realize that you should live life to the fullest. Say yes to the next thing that you would have said even one month ago, “Maybe another time.” 

Take this forced time out to start a new exercise regime, learn a new hobby, start writing that book you’ve always wanted to write, or that DIY project at home you never have the time to complete. 

In a world where there is so much negativity being spread and pointing out the wrong things, we should acknowledge those small, positive things. Look for the sun’s rays over the horizon. Life will go on. We will get back to the barn and again to work. The world may change to something we no longer recognize but try to see the beauty in it.

Let’s all appreciate those small successes, those kind words, and the ability to do what we love. How can you lift someone up today?



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  • The Backyard Horse Blog

    Good to hear someone is making the best of a difficult situation! In your post, you referenced one of my favorite quotes. Definitely applicable to the current times. Thank you for sharing an uplifting message with your readers!

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