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Equestrienne: Diana De Rosa, Equine Journalist

Diana De Rosa is an equine journalist and you will likely have seen her work! I had the pleasure of meeting her multiple times as co-founder of the Equus Film Festival, and she has been a whirlwind this year. She recently returned from the Tokyo Olympic Games, Equitana USA where she moderated multiple panels and covered the event for EQUUS Television, and most recently the Tryon Film Festival! She is a powerhouse of energy and I honestly don’t know how she does it.

Journalist, Diana de Rosa.


I am a journalist (writer and photographer: www.dianaderosa.com), owner of Press Link PR, part time actress (www.dianaderosa.net), on the Equitana USA Team as Equine Media and Relations Coordinator, Co-Organizer of the EQUUS Film Festival, Digital Media Producer for the Tryon International Film Festival and more. I also handle mansions and residential properties available for location scouts to view. I am a HubPages Columnist and Equine Journalist. I’ve traveled to over 30 countries doing stories, covered 8 Olympic Games, worked with the late Christopher Reeve for 8 years as his on the road assistant. I did TV reporting for WVVH for many years and still do all types of reporting (writing, audio, video and VoiceOvers). I also am a professional photographer, do video interviews, zoom interviews and moderate panels. I’m always ready to take on a new challenge or client, photograph an event, family, function or individual or cover your event. I am interested in any acting projects that are SAG-AFTRA. I especially like detective, mother, business woman, fitness and even quirky roles. I am into an alternative lifestyle and write about health. I have literally reversed my arthritis because of changing my diet and lifestyle. If you have a great suggestion for a story/photos for any of the above, feel free to contact me. Check out my photos on DianaDeRosa.com. At the moment I am looking for a new door to walk through. So, if you have something that fits my skills let me know.

What do you do?

  • Blogger
  • Trainer or Instructor
  • Marketing Manager
  • Journalist
  • Nutrition/ Supplements
  • Editor
  • Adventurer

What is your business name?

Press Link PR and Diana De Rosa Photography

When did you begin your business?


Why did you begin your business or pursue your passion?

I’ve always had a passion for horses and sharing information.

What is unique about you or your brand?

I am multi-talented. I’ve covered 8 Olympic Games. I think very few people can say that. I’ve traveled to over 30 country covering, writing about and shooting events.

How does your brand or business positively affect other equestrians or horse welfare?

I always love to share my expertise and what I’ve learned from all I’ve done.

What challenges have you faced in life or business?

I had to overcome some difficulties with my body that I did but turning to an alternative and organic lifestyle.

What keeps you motivated or inspired?

I love doing things that have to do with interviewing people and learning more about them and my craft. This last year I did zoom interviews for two film festivals. 90 for one and 50 for the other. It was so much fun to hear about these people’s adventures. I enjoy anything similar like doing interviews in person or moderating events. I’ve moderated a number of panels and awards ceremonies. I love to travel and see the end product of each day’s work when I’ve done photography.

Who has influenced you and why?

Captain Vladimir Littauer as he taught me so much about riding and put me on the cover of one of his books.

Tony Hitchcock because of his vision.

My parents because they were always behind me 100%

My brother David who has been there for thick or thin.

A friend of mine in Canada – can’t remember her name now but she taught me so much about feeding horses organic products and why.

My friend Linda because we shared so many great adventures.

My friend Darlene because she is an amazing writer who taught me a lot.

My friend Carl because he helped me become the photographer I am today.

Christopher Reeve because the 8 years I spent working for him were a real blessing that Nothing is Impossible.

My friend Frank because he has help me to understand the acting world.

My friends Lisa Diersen, Julianne Neal and Bruce Anderson because of all the great experiences we had together.

And the list goes on.

How could your story benefit others?

I’ve done so much and have so much I can share.

What advice would you give to someone starting on a new adventure or business? What advice would you give?

Decide if the journey is worth the end result. For me it was.

Are you working on anything currently?

Just finished covering the Tokyo Olympic Games and working on writing a book about my healing journey and how I succeeded.

Want to learn more about Diana? Read about her in Sidelines magazine!

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