Porkalicious Potluck by Nom Nom Now
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Welcoming Homemade Dog Food from NomNomNow



Like most pet owners, I want the best for my dogs. I want them to be healthy and happy. Of course, while there are some amazing benefits to a raw diet, this is not something I am able to do with small children in the house. So judge me if you want to, but this busy mom and business owner gives her dogs a combination of high-quality kibble and fresh cooked dog food.

Heartland Beef Mash
*NomNomNow provided monetary compensation and free product in exchange for my honest opinion and review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. For more information, visit my Media page.

I wish I could say that I always have fresh food for my dogs. With two businesses and three children, however, life gets pretty busy. So I was very intrigued to learn more about NomNomNow.

NomNomNow is fresh, homemade dog food that delivers to your doorstep. #sponsored Share on X


Hmmmm. Fresh, healthy dog food with all natural ingredients, delivered to my door? Yes please!  I received a 30-day trial and monetary compensation in exchange for a NomNomNow review.


What is NomNomNow?

Homemade dog food from Nom Nom Now

NomNomNow is a premium dog food company that provides gently cooked dog food containing all natural ingredients delivered to your door. Each of the 5 recipes are veterinarian-formulated by Dr. Justin Shmalberg, one of the top nutritionists for pets in the US.


What I liked best about the ingredients? Each is human-grade and fresh, never frozen. The company was created in 2015 in the San Francisco Bay Area and all ingredients are sourced from the United States.



Signing up at NomNomNow was very easy and took only a few minutes. I answered a few questions about my, dog Gonzo, and then clicked the link at the bottom to add Beau. I was also able to choose where I would like my delivery placed for convenience when it arrived.


After entering my credit card information I promptly received an email confirmation welcoming me to the pack and providing the delivery date. Shortly thereafter, I received a follow up email detailing how to transition my dogs to their fresh dog food.


Meals are set up to auto deliver either every week or every month depending on which subscription you choose.  Your credit card will be charged accordingly but you may cancel or change your order within an allotted time frame. If you have ever done Blue Apron or Hello Fresh for humans, it is the same premise.


*I should note that orders for the following week close at 12PM PST on Thursdays. This is because the food is cooked fresh to order and prepared by hand. This is truly homemade, real dog food. 


Fresh Cooked Recipes

I really liked that I had the option to rotate recipes when completing my dog’s profiles, because of the 5 options I think they all sound delicious and nutritious for my dogs.


Both my dogs are at their ideal weight, but both are rescue dogs and have sensitive stomachs. Neither dog can have grain. I was able to choose a different recipe for each dog to try.


Gonzo’s Choice

Heartland Beef Mash homemade dog food by Nom Nom Now

Heartland Beef Mash

Ground beef: Protein, vitamins & minerals for strong bones

Potatoes: Energy producing & potassium packed

Carrots: Vitamin A – and more – for keeping eyes healthy

Peas: Fiber, Vitamin A, C, K & B6, and minerals galore

Egg: Exactly the protein, calcium, iron & zinc dogs need

NomNomNutrient Mix**: Expertly formulated nutrition blend

Fish oil: Omega Fatty Acids for a healthy coat


Gonzo also has been showing some worrying symptoms lately. Twice in the last month he’s been injured while wrestling with Beau, and the vet is starting to suspect early arthritis. Thus he needs an anti-inflammatory diet. The beef is a wonderful cooling food and is nicely supplemented by the fish oil for those important Omega-3s.


Beau’s Choice

Porkalicious Potluck by Nom Nom Now
Beau didn’t want to wait for the transition meals, but no dogs were fed in the making of this review. At least not until the end….

Porkalicious Potluck

Pork: Protein, Vitamin B6 & minerals

Potatoes: Energy producing & potassium packed

Kale: A superfood for your dog’s diet

Green beans: Fiber, Vitamins A, C, K & minerals galore

Zucchini: Vitamins B6, C & K, magnesium & potassium

Mushrooms: Phosphorus, Potassium, Zinc, Copper & Manganese

NomNomNutrient Mix**: Expertly formulated nutrition blend

Fish oil: Omega Fatty Acids for a healthy coat


Beau is an adventurous eater, and will put anything in his mouth. I’ve seen him eat stink bugs even. So I thought adding something new to his diet like fresh kale and mushrooms would be fun. He loves trying new things.


Now we just have to wait a week for our first delivery!



Fresh home-cooked dog food delivered to my door.


Based in Northern California, NomNomNow provides free weekly delivery to the western United States. Currently, national shipping is in the beta stages. I live on the east coast (hello New Jersey!) so I will be receiving four weeks of fresh meals in one delivery, for 2 dogs. At 14 meals per week (x 2 dogs) that ends up including 112 meals in one delivery- yikes!


NomNomNow uses a third-party delivery service.  FedEx arrived on my doorstep exactly when expected, and I received a follow up email from NomNomNow letting me know my packages were delivered. The items were well-insulated in their boxes. The individual meals still cold, albeit a little wet from condensation.


Homemade dog food from NomNomNow


With 112 freshly cooked meals and ice packs, the boxes were a bit heavy. Thankfully I work with horses and have achieved some muscle over the years. Gonzo and Beau helped to make sure the delivery was on par with their high standards.



So what can I do to keep these individually-portioned meals fresh? While NomNomNow does not freeze their meals, I will. I plan on keeping the first week’s meals in my refrigerator and freezing the rest to defrost as needed. Luckily, NomNomNow provided some advice for this in their extremely thorough follow up material.



Honestly, it’s a lot of food to store. I had to do a lot of rearranging of my freezer to make this happen and it took up the entire bottom section. Here’s hoping my power doesn’t go out at any point within the next month. It would be a lot easier to have weekly deliveries. But is it worth it? Stay tuned and find out when we provide a full review after 30 days.


A picture speaks a thousand words, but how about an opening video before you go? 

Intrigued? Use my promo code to receive a 50% discount.


Nom Nom Now Logo
*NomNomNow sponsored this post. I received monetary compensation and free product in return for my honest review. All opinions stated are my own from personal use with this product.



  • nichole

    We’ve been seeing Nom Nom Now all over social media these days! Sounds like a great service, and I love the convenience of it. Glad you guys are doing well with their food.

  • Kamira Gayle

    Well looks like Gonzo and Bo approve. They are so cute by the way. Love the video. I just heard about NomNomNow today. Nice to see another introduction to this company and their product. I think many dog owners would love the convenience and quality. Will share with others as well.

    • Heather Wallace

      Appreciate the share, Kamira! Gonzo and Beau enjoyed making the video too. It was hard to hold them back from inspecting the delivery, so I didn’t. They are loving their meals from NomNomNow.

  • DashKitten

    Natural food is the way to go for cat a dn dogs if they can be convinced it is tasty. Our cats are not all fans of raw but we have a wider range of ages and sizes than most. Several like prepared meals like this (which look well prepared and fabulously well packaged for transit!).

    I suspect dogs will welcome this with massive enthusiasm!

    • Heather Wallace

      Too right, Marjorie. I don’t feed my dogs raw but Gonzo has a taste for wild rabbit (eek) so I’m sure he would like it. Homemade, gently-cooked dog food is a healthy alternative that I can feel safe feeding my animals with small children in the house.

  • Happy-Go-Doodle

    Thanks for sharing such a thorough introduction to NomNomNow! Changing dog foods is such a big decision. It will be fun to follow along and learn how your pups enjoy their new fresh food diet!

  • fashionbeyondforty

    Isn’t it the BEST!!! We recently started our pups on NomNomNow and we all LOVE it! It is SO fresh and just such good wholesome food! I mean I almost tasted it myself!
    So happy with the delivery too!

    • Heather Wallace

      Too funny! Yes, I love that we are spending more time thinking about healthy options for our pets. I see so many pets with health problems and cancers that I feel proper nutrition can help stave off. After all, we are what we eat and it is the same for our pets.

    • Heather Wallace

      Human grade food all the way makes a difference, right? Why should our dogs receive lesser quality. For centuries our pets received scraps from tables (not that I recommend that). It wasn’t until the past century that dog kibble was made due to the lack of meat available during the world wars.

  • Irene McHugh

    112 meals! Wow! That’s like some champion level of refrigerator and freezer Tetris or something! And the picture of Gonzo and Beau supervising meal unpacking is priceless. I am impressed by what lengths some smaller companies are willing to go to provide better and healthier food options for our pups. I look forward to reading how the month of meals turns out.

    • Heather Wallace

      Can’t wait to update you. There was a fun puzzle situation in the house to store these meals safely, but NomNomNow informed me that I needed to have the space to store the meals so I was well prepared. For smaller breed dogs with lesser portions the storage wouldn’t be as significant obviously.

  • Shayla

    These seem like a great way to improve your dogs nutritional intake with healthy safe items! Great idea, and easy access!

  • mykidhaspawsblog

    I love the picture of Beau and his barking approval…so cute! Rooney would have totally chewed through the box like Gonzo did. Sometimes when we order from Chewy.com, he will try to destroy the box to get to what’s inside before I have a chance to open it. I really like that Nom Nom Now provides transition meals so that your dog’s stomachs are able to get used to the new recipes. I look forward to your review in 1 month!

    • Heather Wallace

      Thank you! Beau is not very subtle to say the least. The transition meals made everything so much easier and I didn’t have to think about anything. My dog’s handled the change beautifully.

  • Marion Williams

    I would like to give you a special thanks! Fresh dog food is very import for our dog. It is really a high-quality kibble and fresh cooked dog food. My dog like this type of food. Sometimes I also try to make this type of foods for my dog. It’s our responsibility to ensure the proper nutrition and diet for our dog. I will follow your steps to make this food. God bless friend!

  • Ruth Mandelbaum

    It is good to see that there are healthier dog food options entering the market place. If you are looking for the best of the best however you really should be checking out Evermore Food for dogs. The main difference is in the quality of the ingredients and in the sourcing. If you do your research you will find that this is true. Evermore uses only antibiotic free chicken, grass fed beef, lamb from New Zealand, Cage free eggs and an array of mostly organic ingredients. There is no need for a “custom nutrient blend” to be added as the nutrients come directly from the food. The two women who run this company have been doing this for seven years so the formulas are well tested. They even ate the food themselves (or dishes made from the ingredients in the food) for an entire month back in March 2011) This can also be delivered to your door . You should check this out at http://www.evermorepetfood.com

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