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Get Ready for Equestrian Blogtober!

Summer is over and it is my favorite time of year! October! My birthday month, yes but so much more. Warm apple cider, crispy mornings at the barn where fog overlays the fields. Trail rides and hiking amongst colorful foliage before retiring at home in front of a wood-burning fireplace. A perfect month.  My absurd summer schedule gives slight relief and more time for me to focus on The Timid Rider. As such, I’m attempting to join with my fellow equestrian bloggers to do Blogtober, suggested by Ruby Pepper Butchers of Equipepper! We all loved the idea and Charlotte Miller of The Forelock Journal put together this handy infographic to help us stay focused and give blog post ideas every day for the month.


Equestrian Blogtober


I’ll be honest- there is slim to no chance I will blog every day. I have too many work and family commitments to pull that off with the quality and thoughtfulness you deserve. Nor will the dog lovers who read this blog appreciate that much horse content. What I will do is pick several of the posts I think my readers will appreciate and do those!


I have never done a blog challenge before, so this will be fun. Make sure to follow along and see what all the equestrians are talking about this month. We all have different perspectives, writing styles, experience, and disciplines- but we are all united by our passion for horses. I hope you enjoy the Equestrian Blogtober and meet and follow some fun new, bloggers. Happy Fall!


Equestrian BLOGTOBER




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