Protect Your Pet with Consumers Advocate Top Ten Pet Insurance 2018
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Protect Your Pet with Consumer’s Advocate Top Ten Pet Insurance Review Guide 2018

I look at my client’s owner and understand how relieved they are to see their dog relaxed and happy, but knowing it is an additional cost they pay. They only want the best for their pet, but with a terminal cancer diagnosis their funds are depleted from the treatments, and massage and other holistic therapies are the only things providing pain relief. While there are a few non-profit foundations that offer monetary grants for pets with illnesses such as cancer, if pet owners do not have pet insurance, they often have to decide to euthanize their pet to feed themselves. The average cost of cancer treatment for a dog is between $6,000 and $10,000.


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While not all pet insurance companies cover the cost of homeopathic treatments, they will include a majority of wellness exams, surgeries, and medications alleviating the overall costs over the course of your animal’s lifetime. The trick is to have insurance in place before your animal needs it. That seems easy, but with the growing number of animal indemnity companies, it can be hard to choose one that is right for your family and your budget.


Consumer’s Advocate has helped over 4 million pet parents make the right decision using their detailed Pet Insurance Review Guide. This comprehensive guide takes all the guesswork out of choosing a pet plan that is perfect for your needs. Pet owners can begin by narrowing the type of coverage between Accident-Only; Comprehensive: Accident and Illness; and Wellness Coverage (Preventative Care) in an interactive survey where owners can choose the species and age of their pet. By narrowing down your needs quickly, Consumer’s Advocate makes it quick and easy to compare top-rated veterinary coverage and receive quotes directly from the company.


While the review guide covers all the information a pet parent needs to know including deductibles, rates, and more there is also a detailed section of frequently asked questions, which include:


Does Pet Insurance cover vet visits?
What’s the average cost of Pet Insurance?
What is an annual deductible for Pet Insurance?


These are just a few of the topics covered, but available to answer your questions in a single place.


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I found the recommendations for Top 7 Pet Insurance Companies extremely helpful. The table makes it easy to view the highest rated veterinary health indemnity companies in one place, which can be filtered by state and top recommendation. Each company has a link to see their rates but also has a full, comprehensive review of each.



Both my dogs are covered by Nationwide, ranked #4 on Consumer Advocate’s 10 Best Pet Insurance of 2018. Sometimes it is frustrating paying an annual premium when it seems like I never need it. However, while working with senior dogs regularly due to arthritis, pre and post-surgery, and fighting cancer, I see every day just how much veterinary bills can add up as your pet ages.



While I hope never to need insurance to pay towards a major surgery for my dogs, I realize this is a likely scenario especially given they are active, large breeds. More, at six years old Gonzo is showing early signs of hip dysplasia. Gonzo is doing exceptionally well with the conservative approach of anti-inflammatory diet, joint supplements, acupuncture, and sports massage. However, if he worsens an MRI can cost up to $2500 out of pocket. More, if it genuinely is hip dysplasia and he needs surgery it would be an additional cost up to $4500.

Make the right decision for your pet and choose a highly-rated pet insurance company using the comprehensive Pet Review Guide by Consumer’s Advocate. This guide takes all the guesswork out of which plan may be best for you.




Has pet insurance helped you and your pet?

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