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Getting Candid with an Equestrian Photoshoot

When you buy a new horse, you book the obligatory equestrian photoshoot to capture your new relationship. As a photographer myself, I am more comfortable behind the lens, so I was a little anxious about being the subject. The good news is when you are photographing horses they have a way of keeping you humble and being the focus on themselves. Especially when you have a lot of personality like Ferrous.


Equestrian Photoshoot


Callie Heroux is a local eventer and photographer. I’d entered her model call last year but was not chosen, however, I did keep her information just in case. And I’m so glad. After I bought Ferrous, I booked a session with Callie for early March. I was hoping it would be a little less chilly and Ferrous and I would have some time to bond.


Remember that big nor’easter that swept through early March in New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts? Well, I thought that would completely cancel our session. Luckily the weather turned immediately and within 48 hours all the snow had melted. It was still a bit chilly and there were wind gusts over 20 mph.


Fantastic for us Ferrous isn’t the spooky type. But it did make for some interesting hair flying around on my part! 


Equestrian photoshoots are unique. Not only does the photographer have to take into account the weather, but working with an animal who doesn’t really understand how to pose for pictures (me), and of course the horse. Talk about a handful. So Callie had her work cut out for her. Neither Ferrous or I are known for keeping still. 


© Callie Heroux Photography


Ferrous had been in the paddock that day. However,  knowing he’s a bit antsy I gave him a dose of Treatibles’ PCR oil and lunged him before the shoot. Glad I did! As it was, he did the opposite of pose for photos. 


© Callie Heroux Photography. When you are supposed to be looking at the camera.


My sweet little pony is full of personality and there was a lot of laughing involved during the two hour shoot. We found some beautiful backdrops, no surprise as my barn is an idyllic landscape in the heart of Monmouth County.


Horse kiss
© Callie Heroux Photography


A good trick during shoots with horses is having a few horse treats on hand, like peppermints. Except then your horse knows you have treats and results in two hours of you fending off your pony. Constant nudges,  trying to dig into your pockets, and basically being a nuisance, albeit a cute one. Still, very easy for training purposes! And it does make for some adorable photos.


© Callie Heroux Photography
© Callie Heroux Photography


As you can see, Callie had her work cut out for her but good thing I love candid shots instead of posed, because I feel these really captured our personalities. Two goofballs. 


Do you love candid photos or posed photos? Why?


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