What kind of rider are you?
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Quiz: What kind of horse rider are you?

Bold, Timid, or a Little of Both?


Who doesn’t love a good horse quiz? I know what type of horse rider I am, regardless. But it was so much fun to put together. And a great way for people to understand it isn’t just black and white. Sometimes I’m bold, sometimes I’m timid. I’m never one thing. I think we can all identify with that.


What kind of horse rider are you?

We love spending time with horses. But sometimes we can struggle with motivation or even self-doubt. Are you brave and fearless or a lacking in confidence from time to time? 


I am so excited to announce that my much anticipated book, Confessions of a Timid Rider, is now available for preorder! The book will be published this summer, and I can’t wait.


If you’ve liked the series of the same name on my blog, you will absolutely love this book. It’s honest, self-deprecating, and motivational. The theme of course is based on horses and writing, which are my passion. But you do not have to be an equestrian or a writer. This book is for anyone, especially women, whom have had to start over. A new career, a new marriage, life after divorce, or a new business- these are all unknowns that cause anxiety and fear, but we do them anyway because we know deep down that is is right for us. We let our passions be greater than our fear.


Let your passion be greater than your fear.


I started riding again in my 30’s after having a child. I left a career that I’d worked over a decade in, to begin something completely out of my experience level. And I pursued a dream that I’d had since childhood but was always afraid to follow. I have an amazing support system, and I haven’t done it on my own. But I am grateful every day that I took a chance to do something that made my scared.


Go on over to my Author page and preorder the book today.


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