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Healthy Hemp for Hip Dysplasia


HempMy Pet is the first certified organic, vertically-integrated hemp-oil production company, growing their hemp on their Colorado farm and having a hand in every aspect. I spoke with one of the co-founders and immediately knew this was a passion; passion for animals and wellness is something I can relate to!

As an animal massage therapist, I strive for natural wellness for my dogs and horses whenever possible. My dog Gonzo has shown early signs of hip dysplasia. He’s been receiving regular massage and a few acupuncture sessions but I use a holistic approach. My goal is to have him on a natural anti-inflammatory to reduce swelling and pain. My go to? CBD oil.  


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Hemp supplements and CBD oil for pets reduce pain, inflammation, anxiety and improve appetite for my animal massage clients and my own animals as well. I was so excited to find HempMy Pet, which grows and distributes whole-spectrum hemp-infused products here in the United States.


Hemp for Health


While veterinarians are unable to prescribe hemp and CBD due to current Federal regulations and AVMA regulations, many support the health benefits. Such health benefits include overall health, pain, joints, anxiety, inflammation, and allergies.

The science supports the growing trend and more, my dogs and massage clients love it.


Farm to Pet

HempMy Pet Wellness Bundle

You have heard of farm-to-table but have you heard of farm-to-pet? That is the HempMy Pet approach. From seed to production, the oils and tinctures are made in Colorado on their privately-owned farms. Natural health and wellness are incredibly important and as such their farms are organic and sustainable. In addition, they are registered with the Colorado Department of Agriculture (CDA).

Imagine a world where plants are grown on a sunny hillside, then harvested and infused on their property into products for cats, dogs, and horses using all natural ingredients. That is the world of HempMy Pet.

This small business, which was founded in 2015, grows a specific strain that contains

CBD, CBG, CBC, CBD-V and other beneficial cannabinoids as well as a broad spectrum of terpenoids. The result? Pure oil that remains as nature intended.


Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil

Many companies and brands focus on CBD, the prevalent cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. When extracting the CBD from the plant, this is referred to as an isolate. This used to be the gold standard for CBD and PCR oil.

On the other hand, full spectrum hemp oil contains dozens of cannabinoids, perhaps the most widely known is cannabidiol (CBD). Rather than isolating the CBD and using that alone, the full spectrum is a more natural product.


According to

Hemp oil also contains the cannabinoid cannabidiolic acid (CBDa). In live hemp, CBDa is more abundant than CBD. Often times hemp oil will undergo a heating process called decarboxylation, which changes CBDa into CBD and offers those seeking the highest levels of CBD a more ideal product.

In addition to the healthy cannabinoids, whole-spectrum hemp contains a large number of vitamins and minerals, including but not limited to: vitamin A, C, and E.

The full spectrum of natural properties come together to create something called the “entourage effect”. The individual compounds work together in harmony to magnify their own therapeutic properties and provide balance.


Hemp Tincture

HempMy Pet Tincture
Hemp-infused tincture

Combining only two ingredients, organically grown hemp extract and organic olive oil, the tincture comes in a dropper bottle making it easy to add to your dog’s meals. This is the perfect solution for Gonzo’s swelling and pain because I can use it periodically or every day. A 1 fluid ounce bottle lasts two months for a 55-pound dog per dosage instructions.

*It is important to note that the dropper should not be placed directly in your pet’s mouth, but placed in the food to avoid saliva contaminating the remaining product.

Hemp-Infused Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is my obsession. This was the first supplement I served my dogs and I still give it to them daily. It’s an amazing source of saturated fat that is easy to add to kibble, home cooked or raw food. My dogs will even eat it off the spoon! Gonzo tends to dry skin in winter and coconut oil is the only thing that helps keep his skin and fur soft and glossy.

HempMy Pet Coconut Oil
Hemp-infused coconut oil

Again, this product contains only two ingredients: organic coconut oil and organic hemp extract. Two products, period. According to HempMy Pet this product is “Vegan. Gluten-free. GMO-Free. Pesticide-Free. Plant-derived and Human Grade Ingredients.”

The hemp-infused coconut oil is a great option for picky eaters and dosage is easy to administer using a teaspoon.


Dosage instructions:

“Each teaspoon contains approximately 3-4mg.

For Pets under 10 lbs. ¼-1/2 tsp (1-2mg)

For Pets 10-30 lbs. ½-3/4 tsp (2-3mg)

For Pets 30-60 lbs. ¾-1 tsp (3-4mg)

For Pets over 60 lbs. 1-1 ½ tsp (4-6mg)

30 Servings per container (30 teaspoons) Depending on Size of Pet.”


Hemp-Infused Dog Biscuits

HempMy Pet Dog Biscuits


Who doesn’t love an all natural, organic pet treat that also serves as a supplement? Coming in small and large sizes, these biscuits are made in small batches to guarantee freshness.

The taste test? Fully approved with glee!

The ingredients are certified organic and dog-approved: pumpkin; garbanzo bean flour; rice flour; tapioca starch; apples; eggs;  unrefined coconut oil infused with hemp extract;  mint; parsley; and baking powder.


HempMy Pet Five-Paw Review

HempMy Pet Review

HempMy Pet Product Review

As I wrote earlier, Gonzo has been experiencing symptoms of early hip dysplasia. He’s been limping out of nowhere and hesitating at the stairs or on walks, which is very unlike him. My vets and I trying to stall progression and keep him healthy and active using natural methods. After all, he is only six years old and still a very active boy. As a result, hemp products have a place of pride in my home.

 I love them. But the real test is what my picky dog thinks.

Gonzo is a picky eater and so I’m never sure what flavors he will eat. But from the moment I pulled out the bag of biscuits, both dogs were all attention. I broke one of the biscuits in half it did so easily with very few crumbs. It’s obvious these dog cookies are small-batch made and packaged fresh! But, with a single large biscuit per serving, there was enough for both. Don’t fight boys.

Where to Buy HempMy Pet

I was extremely happy to receive and review the Large Wellness Bundle containing all three products: tincture, infused coconut oil, and biscuits. Each product is sold individually but you save 30% bundling them and obviously with two large dogs I need all the money I can get for those food bills. HempMy Pet has an easy-to-use website and you can order directly from there!


Gonzo is doing extremely well on his hemp-infused products from HempMy Pet. He is active, happy, and playful. This past weekend he even dominated the lure course at the World Pet Expo. With HempMy Pet combined with canine massage and acupuncture are keeping him in the best shape possible.


Watch my unboxing review of HempMy Pet.



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