Horse Show Non-Starter
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Horse Show Non-Starter

Confession: after all the anticipation of the horse show weekend, I didn’t even ride.


It’s true. There were a few factors, but it wasn’t meant to be. I told my trainer I wanted to ride in one of the fall schooling shows this year, and we talked about it and jumped some courses to prepare. When it came down to the last one, I mentioned via text that I intended to ride in the crossrails class, just for practice even though I can jump higher.


Then a few days before the show she asked if my twins were riding in leadline. They both jumped at the chance because they love horse shows and are very competitive by nature. I replied, “Yes!” It was last minute so we didn’t do the costume contest, but the girls were excited.


I was doing pretty well about managing the anticipation. The evening before I asked my trainer what time the girls and I should be there. In retrospect, I believe this was too vague and I should have confirmed with her that I was riding as well. She gave me a time to arrive and I planned accordingly. Except I realized when I arrived to get my pony, groom him, and school him that the class I was thinking of riding in was already underway. More, my name wasn’t even on the register.


So with the pressure off of me, I rode Ferrous in the upper ring to warm him nicely for the taxing efforts of leadline with a 7-year old. He felt fantastic! We did have trouble finding a mounting block and since I’m short I had to make due. What do you think of my hack?


Mounting block hack


Then I prepped him for my daughter’s and used the Cowboy Magic Body Supershine Spray that I won at the American Horse Publications conference.


Cowboy Magic Body Super shine Spray The Timid Rider
Ferrous winning 1st Place in lead line with the help of Cowboy Magic Body Super Shine Spray.



Ashlyn on super pony Mac.

My daughters had so much fun. Zoe rode Ferrous and Ashlyn rode my trainer’s super pony, Mac. They had so much fun and did a beautiful job, although my daughter got confused when the judge asked her where her stirrup was. SMH, she’s as great under pressure as her mother.


But in the end, they both did so well, had fun, and Zoe even won Reserve Champion. A great day with perfect weather. Now, I’m even more determined to prepare for spring shows.


Honestly, I didn’t feel prepared but was just going to wing it, when I arrived and not only was I not entered, but the class was already in progress.


Could I have pushed it and perhaps been a late entry? Perhaps. But it seemed like way too much stress and then I’d have to race back to the barn to get Ferrous ready for one of the twins as well, building anxiety and stress into a situation that I try to make more relaxing.


All in all, we had a fabulous day!






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