Fresh Dog Food, Delivered- Is It Too Good to Be True?

Not If It’s NomNomNow


During the 2017 BlogPaws conference in Myrtle Beach, I had the luck to discover NomNomNow, fresh food for dogs that is delivered to your home.  Like most pet owners, I’m very particular about my dogs’ diets. It took years to find the right ingredients for my rescue dogs, both of which have sensitive stomachs. Because of this, I do not play fast and loose with new dog foods and rarely review them either.

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Fresh dog food with NomNomNow


I heard all the right things about this premium dog food brand:

Fresh dog food



Gently- Cooked

All Natural Ingredients






For this small business owner and mom of three, I’m extremely busy and always looking for ways to save time. But I don’t want to do it by compromising my dogs’ health. So this seemed to check all the boxes. But did it live up to its hype? 


Our Experience During the Last 30 days Eating NomNomNow




Registration and delivery were quite simple, and I received a number of follow up emails outlining next steps. It was very exciting Welcoming Homemade Dog Food from NomNomNow. Between the easy online sign up for the delivery one week later, the email communication was simple. I did not need to contact the company for any questions because they were all answered for me.



Gonzo hurt his hips in July from a rather rigorous play session with Beau. This was his second hind end injury this summer. The veterinarian was concerned that he showed early signs of arthritis, or worse- hip dysplasia. I went into a tailspin of worry. He’s only 5 years old and he was in pain.

That was the turning point for me to try a new diet. NomNomNow has five recipes from which to choose. Each recipe has Omega-3s, which are so important for joint health. We chose the Heartland Beef Mash for Gonzo and Porkalicious Potluck for Beau.


Ease of Use

Beau is food motivated at the best of times. He was quite intrigued by the NomNomNow easy food pouches. And they were easy to open, mostly. The Heartland Beef Mash for Gonzo came out of the pouch immediately and cleanly. Porkalicious Potluck took a little more prompting. I would either have to roll up the pouch and squeeze it out or use a spoon. Still, pretty easy all things considered. 

Certainly, there are benefits to not having to cook a fresh, healthy meal. Not the least of which is saved time and zero clean up. No dishes! Instead of slaving over a hot stove, I simply grab a pouch out of the refrigerator, rip open, and pour into the dog bowl.


Pros: I don’t have to cook or clean up. And the pouches can be recycled!

Cons: Hmm, can’t think of anything right now.


Meal-time Alarm Clock


It’s funny how dogs are uncanny when it comes to mealtime. Well, Beau has started whining and licking his lips a lot earlier than usual. I know that he is getting his calories because these veterinarian-formulated recipes are customized for my dog’s weight and fitness level. So it’s not hunger that is causing this begging. I guess he just loves the taste. 

Pros: I never miss meal time because my dogs remind me when it’s time to eat.

Cons: Beau asks for food two hours before mealtime. He’s rather adamant about it, which can be quite obnoxious.


Poop Talk

The transition meals provided to us by NomNomNow meant that we had very little if any stomach upset. Beau did not defecate for about 24 hours when he first shifted to the meals but then regulated back again very quickly. 

Pros: Firmer, darker, stool with less volume. Apparently, my dogs are getting more nutrients from their meals. And their poop is much easier to pick up. No more messes! 

Cons: Beau is a poop eater. He doesn’t do it with me, but apparently now that he’s on this new diet, he can’t eat it fast enough. He’ll eat his food and go after Gonzo’s if given half the chance. 



I won’t say my dogs don’t beg. Gonzo plants himself underneath the kitchen table during mealtimes and waits for my daughters to drop something. You can say they trained him because he’s learned that kids drop food. Beau has his own waiting place near the door, but if you look at him he’ll be over just in case you want to give him food. The problem with big dogs? They can easily reach the table. 


Gently-cooked dog food with NomNomNow


Then we started NomNomNow meals. My refrigerator and freezer are teeming with nutritious, homemade dog food. Now every single time one of us walks into the kitchen the dogs are underfoot. I find it hilarious because they are so hopeful but it drives my husband crazy. 

Pros: My dogs are receiving healthy, human-quality food.

Cons: My dogs now smell our food and associate it with theirs.  NomNomNow uses the same ingredients we do for our family meals but portioned and gently-cooked for dog’s stomachs. 



My dogs eat in their crates. Beau is a piglet and will steal food. Gonzo will resource guard if provoked. So we avoid this dilemma by separating them during meals.

The other day my husband was cleaning the crate pads and covers. So he opted to feed the dogs outside. Beau in the yard and Gonzo on the deck with the gate closed. Within minutes, Beau had either jumped the gate or pulled a Dumbo and flew with his big ears over it- because he finished his meal and went after Gonzo’s food. We don’t know how- the gate was still closed!

A fight ensued and both dogs were separated before Beau got too much. But be prepared, your dog’s desire for NomNomNow may turn him into a flying pup.



Unpacking the food, and finding storage space for 30 days was not ideal, but manageable. NomNomNow is based in the San Francisco area and delivers weekly to 9 western states in the US. Sadly here on the east coast, I received an entire month’s supply in one delivery. This would be fine for small breeds, or single-dog households. But both my dogs are large so the food did take quite a bit of space.



Pouches may be stored for up to 8 days in your refrigerator. With only a few days left, it is easy enough to reach in the freezer for more pouches and let them defrost in the fridge. Still partially frozen when you want to serve it? No problem, place the closed pouch in a warm bowl of water. Do not place in the microwave because it will be heated unevenly and you may burn your pet’s mouth.



This is a premium dog food and the pricing reflects the quality.  Again- I have two large breed dogs. Keep in mind, this is handmade food, in a human-grade kitchen that is made for your pet. Delivery is included in the pricing as well, and the boxes can be quite large. Going forward if I were to choose Porkalicious Potluck for one of my 70 lb. dogs, it would be $223 per month (or roughly $56 per week). But if we made the food ourselves, wouldn’t the grocery bill be the same and the work so much more? This seems a small price to pay for health and convenience.

Luckily, with my special promo code you can receive 50% off your first TWO orders. Don’t wait to try this amazing food that will literally leave your dogs begging.


Before You Leave

What is good for us should be good for them, right? Frankly, I was unsure whether I would see a major difference in my dogs. We were blown away by how much they loved the gently-cooked dog food. Quickly we noticed more energy and playfulness, and less poop. Not that these go together. Still, win-win. Would NomNomNow be a good choice for your dog? Absolutely yes!


What are you waiting for? Order NomNomNow today!


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NomNomNow sponsored a 30-day trial of their product and monetary compensation in return for my honest review of their freshly cooked dog food.

0 thoughts on “Fresh Dog Food, Delivered- Is It Too Good to Be True?

  1. I have read so many great things about NomNomNow. I am in Canada and I haven’t head the pleasure of experiencing this brand, but it looks fantastic! I love their reasonable prices too!

    1. It’s such a great company and the customer service and ease of registration and use cannot be beat.

  2. We absolutely love Nom Nom Now!! 😀 So glad you guys are enjoying it as well. Isn’t it so convenient?

    1. It is incredibly convenient. Gonzo and Beau are in heaven with their meals and my holistic veterinarian approves!

  3. Oh wow. I’m glad the dog fight wasn’t serious! They must have really enjoyed it. And you’re right, the stash for a big dog does overflow! It took up a corner of our fridge.

    1. The benefits of having a small dog in Mr. N! Rest at ease that my boys have never had a serious fight. We know Beau’s tendency with food and we have a command “Break” that stops them in their tracks.

  4. We chatted with the wonderful NomNomNow rep at BlogPaws too. I really feel Shasta would have done well with their wonderful food. They truly have an AMAZING product. Glad your pack is loving it and doing so well!

    1. Thanks so much. Sorry we didn’t get a chance to meet at BlogPaws this year. Hopefully next year!

  5. I wish more wholesome, natural, lightly cooked or raw dog foods were able to deliver. I’ve used Darwin’s in the past and the convenience is well worth its weight in gold, especially for someone like me who is a 30 minute drive one way from most stores. I’m glad your pups like the food, and the dog fight didn’t turn into anything serious!

    1. Yes delivery is extremely convenient, whether you live far away from a store or no. As a busy mom of three with two businesses, I have been known to forget a trip to the store myself. Automatic delivery is key to my sanity.

  6. Thanks so much for your thorough overview of NomNomNow. I can definitely relate to your comment about how difficult it is to switch dog foods and not play “fast and loose.” I’m happy to hear about the product details and how NomNomNow fits into your daily routine…and how happy it has made your pups! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading! I am very selective what I feed my dogs and can honestly say that NomNomNow is an amazing product that we absolutely loved.

  7. I’ve been reading a lot of positive reviews about this brand lately, and the convenience of having someone deliver to your dog can’t be beat. We live in England so it’s a bit out of their delivery zone, and Red can only eat a specific diet so I’m afraid it’s me slaving away. Glad your pups are loving it, and you don’t have to spend your time in the kitchen when you can be doing lots more fun stuff!

    1. True, England is a bit far for delivery. Red is lucky to have you and it’s a testament to your hard work and care that she is doing so well at 16 years.

  8. We have only one little furry one so as of now no tussles over food. Definitely have to check out nomnom now and see if Babu likes eat. He is a very picky eater!

    1. I am sure Babu would love it! Gonzo is extremely picky but he loved both the recipes we received.

  9. This sounds really great! Too bad they don’t make cat food 🙁 I love that it’s all homemade and made with top quality ingredients. It sounds like you’ve found the perfect system for feeding your crew!

    1. It really is amazing! Hmmm, perhaps cat food will be next!

  10. What a great review! I love your honesty about the expense of this and feeding large breed dogs. “But be prepared, your dog’s desire for NomNomNow may turn him into a flying pup,” had me laughing hysterically. Beau turned into Houdini over the NomNomNow. Haha! Too funny! I’m so happy no one was hurt of course – it’s the visual that made me laugh.

    1. Thanks Stephanie! I am brutal in my honesty. I still have no clue how he did it!

  11. I’ve been hearing such good things about NomNomNow. So glad your dogs are having such a great experience with it. Maybe besides the poop eating part. LOL

    1. Ugh, I can definitely do without the poop eating. I’ve never had a dog that did that before! He’s “special”.

  12. I have made my cats raw and know that Maggie’s coat was better.

    1. Glad to hear it!

  13. Thank you for writing such a thorough review of this dog food. It sounds like such a good option, and I’m sure the number of dogs turned into poop-eating flying pups is minimal:)

    1. Ha ha! Beau is certainly a unique poop-eating flying pup thank goodness!

  14. I am deeply suspicious here 😉 I think your dogs are TOTALLY spoiled!! Am I right??

    This looks so delicious it is making ME Hungry. Fresh cooked, natural and healthy – this is the perfect food for every single dog isn’t it! These people have done their research and hit the perfect pup spot!

    1. My dogs do tend to be a bit spoiled. I’m caught. I’ve had quite a few friends comment on how they thought it looked like a delicious meal. Not sure if I agree, but I love that the food is fresh, lightly cooked, and smells great.

  15. So glad you like NomNomNow – they serve fresh food in a manner that doesn’t require traditional preservatives! So glad your pups love it!

    1. My pups are crazy for it! I think I could convince them to do anything if I were to hold a pouch in my hand.

  16. I continue to read great things about this food. I appreciate your honesty in your review by providing both the pros and cons. I had wondered about the price and it does sound expensive. I guess if my dogs needed to be on a different diet (such as homemade or raw), I’d consider this. I had to laugh when you talked about your dog wanted to eat both his and the other dog’s poop!

    1. Oh sweet kitties, eating poop is no laughing matter! At least when your dog wants to give you kisses….yikes.

  17. It definitely sounds like a nutritious and super convenient option. My dogs always know EXACTLY when meal time rolls around and they make sure I never miss it, LOL!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Dogs Luv Us and We Luv Them

    1. Isn’t it handy having meal time alarm clocks?

  18. If I wasn’t already feeding raw, I’d definitely consider switching to this. It looks and sound fantastic. But I think Cookie would have to share with me LOL

  19. What an excellent review! I love the look and sound of NomNom – I have no doubt Kilo would LOVE it. He is a shameless beggar and loves human smelling food so we would have the same interest in kitchen activity LOL. Unfortunately I don’t think they are available in Canada yet but I’ll follow up. Thanks.

  20. NomNomNow sounds like a really great food choice for your family! I believe that the cost would be comparable if you cooked their food yourself. I’m glad that your dogs are okay, Theo is definitely a food monster and this seems like something he would love!

  21. We had a great experience with NomNomNow! It’s definitely pricey, but such a high quality food. The pups both did amazing on it and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who’s dog has dietary restrictions.

  22. We have had an incredible experience with NomNomNow. Bean ate ZERO food for most of her life on this planet until NomNomNow as introduced. She now eats with a vigor that’s hard for my brain to comprehend after her not eating for so long. The food is priceless, in my opinion if it helps my dog be healthier and happier.

    Great post! I’m glad you’ve had a positive experience. Sorry about the freezer space, that part can be hard!

    1. Oh wow, Bean sounds even pickier than Gonzo! But agreed, it’s amazing how NomNomNow turned a picky eater into a voracious one! Glad Bean is enjoying it.

  23. I ordered this food earlier in the year, thinking it would be great for The Poodle Pair. I was disappointed that the packaging didn’t keep the food cold enough, some of it was starting to thaw, I was afraid to feed it to my dogs. Even though my dogs are smaller, I agree with you regarding storage. My freezer didn’t have enough space to store the entire monthly shipment. I decided to cancel and may try again at a later date, hoping they add some more options regarding quantity and refine the packaging.

    1. So sorry to hear you were not happy with your experience. The monthly shipment is a bit problematic storage-wise so I understand, especially as we both have two dogs. I’m certain that NomNomNow will take your comments to heart and improve in this area.

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