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In Search of the Perfect Equestrian Breeches

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I’ll be the first to admit that I have a problem. Namely that I have many breeches and riding tights in my closet. And don’t have a favorite. I’m still searching for the elusive unicorn of riding breeches. Is it too much to ask for comfort, fit, look, and an affordable price tag? 



Perfect Equestrian Breeches


Different brands have different pros and cons. Then you have a regional affinity. For example, in my area the favored brand are Tailored Sportsmans. But in the UK, Pikeur seems to be a reigning favorite.

So I sent out an S.O.S to equestrians on Twitter to ask which brands they favored and why. What did they say?


Popular Equestrian Apparel Brands


Tailored Sportsman (TS)

A classic American company, Tailored Sportsman is based in New York. Began in 2000, this brand is known for its quality, craftsmanship, and color variety. I have the classic tan for when I VERY occasionally ride in schooling shows. These are also my dress breeches.

Heather Wallace wearing Tailored Sportsman Breeches


They are form fitting and high-quality. My husband bought these for me one Christmas and the size is about an inch small in the waist, but bless his heart. I wear them when I’m feeling thin.

There is a large selection of color choices. I have my eye on a pair of “Clean Slate” color mid-rise side zip breeches to make me feel pretty.

Fellow equestrian blogger, Susan Friedland-Smith of Saddle Seeks Horse says, “About Tailoreds: They’re classic. The fit is flattering on my particular body type. The material is kinda dirt resistant. Fun colors.”

The down side? Prices start at $189.95 on Smartpak.


Pikeur markets itself as the world’s leading brand in riding wear. They are the official Olympic Equestrian outfitter. Their breeches are beautiful, well made, and considered long lasting. They also come with a hefty price tag starting at $260.

Here’s what equestrians have to say about Pikeur:

“Pikeur! They’re so comfy, wear & last really well & they do small sizing which is perfect for me @IssyCarlill

“Pikeur They are super comfortable and last far better than any other brand that I have tried! Totally worth the money ” @roosa_rantanen,  Roosa’s Horsey Life



Dublin is an equestrian brand based that began in 1979 in Australia.  According to the company:

“The range was a success and since then, the brand has developed into a stylish, popular and comfortable range of rider wear available in Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe.”

I do not have a pair so cannot speak from experience, but they look extremely comfortable and have a wide range of breeches. Guess what? It seems they may have a pair for the more shapely riders.


 Their equestrian ambassador Gemma Hague says, @DublinUK love their riding tight range (summer and winter ranges) long lasting and good value for money! Going Dutch Dressage @Apachediamond



Kerrits began in 1986 with, if you can believe it, bathing suits.


“In 1991, The Oregonian wrote about Kerrits Activewear, followed by a piece in The New York Times. That story mentioned Kerri’s desire to make similar, sport-specific, flattering clothes for women who shared her other passion: horses. The CEO of Eisers, a leading equestrian company, read the article and asked her to design a line. With simple packs of carrot seeds as hangtags, Kerrits Performance Equestrian Apparel took root.”


I have a number of Kerrits riding tights.  Two big factors are that they have multiple weights summer and winter. I practically live in their fleece-lined winter riding tights. They are also extremely affordable, starting at $69.


The downside to Kerrits is they way the Ice-Fil grip my waist awkwardly and show off my curves a little too well. Not the most flattering fit around the mid section, especially in summer.

Like most equestrians I wish I had a never ending amount of money for equestrian apparel. I have yet to find the perfect fit for my body type, size 6/8 with Marilyn Monroe-like curves (without the actual Marilyn appeal). Is it too much to ask for comfort and a glorious backside when riding?


What are your favorite breeches?


  • anne leueen

    I like Animo but they are not cheap. I’m a dressage rider but IK have no use for full seat (leather) breeches and so I like the Animo as they just have sticky stuff at the knees and are light, cooler, comfortable and stretchy.

    • Heather Wallace

      Good to know! I do like the silicone by sight but haven’t yet bought a pair with them. I think they are next on my list. Light, stretchy, and comfortable are my key words! I will have to look into Animo. Thanks for the tip.

  • Susan Friedland-Smith

    Thanks for the mention. Kerrits is doing a lot of things right. I just bought a sun shirt that looks like a hip collared shirt I can wear to work. But back to Tailored Sportsman,,,,I wore them showing in the early 90s, so I’m not sure about that date of 2000. A lot of people like SmartPak’s line of breeches. The Pipers are budget friendly and their new line Hadley is bery nice. I’m going to post a review soon.

      • Jackie V.

        Tailored Sportsman breeches have been around since the mid to late 80’s. The tell tale greenjsh color was due to the head tailor being colorblind & thinking the original no stretch twill material was beige.

        Fast forward to 2000 when a husband and wife from the fashion industry, purchased the name Tailored Sportsman and grew the company to include different fabrics & fits in breeches, show shirts (ratcatchers) and show coats. I believe they also had a line of dress shoes as they introduced their paddock, dress and field boots.

        PS: I tried to fact check my dusty memory from my last life in the tack business – however my friend Google wasn’t cooperative. I believe the owners of TS have ties to Sam Edelman – hence the shoes ????

      • Jon LaForce

        Tailored Sportsman is distinguished equestrian riding apparel for English riders. Iconic. Classic. Legendary. Founded in 1920, Tailored Sportsman apparel is highly regarded as the epitome of equestrian style. Tailored Sportsman breeches are a perennial favorite of riding enthusiasts. Made with the finest European fabrics and made in the USA, this distinctive line of equestrian apparel features superior craftsmanship and a true sense of timelessness.

  • starboundeq

    My favs are kerrits cross-over. They are full seat with breaks in the traction allowing more movement of the leg. They fit me perfectly and are very lightweight which is a plus for Florida summers. I typically purchase them for around $120. The zipper helps to make them more flattering. I don’t like pull ons.

  • the_sand_arena_ballerina

    Heather you must try the silicone seat! They are wonderful, just the right amount of stick. My current favourites are a new Australian Company (Wilson Equestrian), thier breeches stretch, are long enough for taller people and best of all they have a Lycra section around the calf which means I don’t loose circulation! WIN

    • Heather Wallace

      I’m all about trying the silicone! The suede full seat gets a bit warm and is only suitable for cooler weather in my mind. I will definitely learn more about Wilson Equestrian on your blog and visit their website.

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