Perfect Equestrian Discipline
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Creating the Perfect Equestrian Discipline

Aren’t There Enough Riding Disciplines in the World?


Perhaps. Have you ever felt that you didn’t quite fit in to your riding discipline? Maybe it’s just me.  Either way, thanks for listening.  There are so many equestrian disciplines: English vs. Western they run the gamut. What if I want to be in all disciplines and yet none of them?

Perfect Equestrian Discipline


Some Background About Me


My barn is primarily a hunter/ jumper facility. Confession time: I don’t have a burning desire to jump courses. I do like to jump a little bit, and find gymnastics especially fun. I like flatwork exercises and would love to learn dressage because I find it beautiful and challenging. Because I am such a stickler for details, I think I would like to try at least. Sadly, not at the expense of leaving my barn or my trainer. They are my second home. Further, I love going on trails but wouldn’t want to do them every single day.

So where do I fit in to a riding discipline?  I’m ok at little bit of everything but not great at anything.

It raises the question, if I don’t ride every day what do I concentrate on? How can I become good at something when I don’t focus on it consistently over a long period of time?

I have a huge respect for eventers because they focus equally on three disciplines and compete the same in a short period of time. My head would explode. It takes a special brand of focus, athleticism, and determination in eventers that inspires me.

I want to create a new riding discipline. One that is perfect for me. I’m happy to share it with others of similar perspectives.

This is what my new riding discipline would look like if I owned a horse:




Continually work on horsemanship, something I’ve always been interested in but never had the ability to work. I love learning about equine behavior and am happy to have met Lindsey Partridge of Harmony Horsemanship and Lindsey Rains of Alta Mira Horsemanship. More, watch vlogs and videos of these horsemanship clinics and yearn to try these methods to gain trust and respect from our four-legged friends. There is something amazing about building a relationship of trust and respect with horses. 




I would teach myself dressage through books and videos and practice each day. My trainer does know basic dressage and would help me along the way. I could even start filming my rides and practice dressage tests. Perhaps one day submit a video to Equimind to get some feedback.


Western Pleasure or Cross Country

(depending on my mood)

As a treat for myself and my horse, we’d then hack out on the trails and jump a few fallen trees every once in awhile. There is nothing quite like mounting up and hacking out into the woods and fields for a nice, relaxing day in nature. 


For me, this would be the perfect discipline. The ability to learn as much as possible, practice, and potentially perfect. What would it be called?


Horse Ownership



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