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Prancing into the BlogPaws 10th Anniversary Conference

Best Beyond Paws Pet Blog Finalists 2018

Do I have your attention? Good. The BlogPaws social media and pet blogging network is a network of pet bloggers around the world who dedicate their lives to writing and sharing important information about their pets. It is no surprise that dogs and cats are clearly the more popular pets. After all, they dominate domestic households. Despite being primarily a horse blogger, the BlogPaws community has welcomed me with open arms. This year I am so incredibly proud to announce that my blog, Bridle & Bone, is a finalist for “Best Beyond Paws Pet Blog” at this year’s 10th Anniversary Conference in Kansas City, MO April 18-20th.

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BlogPaws Finalist 2018


For those of you who are unsurprised, I thank you. I’ve worked incredibly hard over the last year and a half to make this blog something special. To be recognized among my peers is incredibly humbling. And the best part? I’m a finalist among stiff competition.

So, I thought it would be nice to give you a little information about the amazing blogs that have been short-listed to win.


Saddle Seeks Horse

Saddle Seeks Horse Interview
Photo credit: Carolyn Rikje Photography

Susan Friedland-Smith of Saddle Seeks Horse has been a bit of a mentor to me. I was following her on Instagram in 2016 when she won  BlogPaws “Best Unconventional Pet Blog”. I love that she is a full time wife, teacher, dog mom, and avid OTTB lover.  Her lifestyle blog reflects all these things. I was curious enough to later join BlogPaws to learn how to improve my blog, my branding, and become a social media influencer.

Susan has passion but is not afraid to laugh at herself or her horse, and that speaks to me. Reading her blog is like speaking to a friend. Visit her website today.


Paperchases & Petticoats

An equestrian lifestyle blog, Paperchases and Petticoats is managed by the team of Mary and Lindsay.  Their blog has something for every horse lover. They publish product reviews, DIY, wellness for horse and rider, and more.  Navigating their website clean and crisp is easy. These women mean business. Do you want to see for yourself? Check out their promo video.


Unsurprisingly these horse-loving ladies won the BlogPaws “Best Unconventional Pet Blog” in 2017.

However, as if the competition wasn’t stiff enough going against two other equestrian bloggers, we have to prance out of the way for this little guy.

Healing Whiskers

Abby Chestnut Healing Whiskers


Abby Chestnut is a lifelong animal lover. While she does have a pet product review site, her site Healing Whiskers is dedicated to sharing information about her therapy rat. Yes, rats can be therapy animals! I had the pleasure of meeting Abby and Oliver briefly last year at the conference, where she was also a finalist, but did not have a lot of time to speak. You might think that most people would be scared of rats, but not me or other pet bloggers. For the most part we were very excited to see them!

I love the originality of this website, and the dedication of her message. I am a strong believer that most animals have the power to heal, no matter their species.

Sadly, both rats Oliver and his brother Jasper recently traveled the Rainbow Bridge. My heart goes out to her and her family for such a loss.

Bridle & Bone

Save Ferris Bridle & Bone


I would be remiss to not list my own blog since it is after all a finalist. Yay!!!! I started Bridle & Bone in December 2016 to help provide information about natural health & wellness to the owners of my animal massage clients.

This soon expanded to detail my highs and lows as a returning adult equestrian with a fear of failure. The Confessions of a Timid Rider series became very popular among equestrian and others who could relate to feelings of inadequacy when it comes to something important to them: horse riding, pet parenting, blogging, motherhood, etc. We all have something we feel we could do better. My book of the same name is now available for preorder, so make sure to order it here for a signed copy!

Regardless of who wins next month I’m incredibly proud of my hard work, the connections and friends I’ve made, and the success I’ve had. I already feel like a winner being included in this amazing group of bloggers.

Buy your ticket today and join me at the BlogPaws conference!


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