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Girl Forward: A Tale of One Woman's Unlikely Adventure in Mongolia

Girl Forward: A Tale of One Woman’s Unlikely Adventure in Mongolia

Confession: Often people wonder how a timid rider like myself ended up in Mongolia, not once but twice.

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Girl Forward Heather Wallace

Girl Forward

A Tale of One Woman’s Unlikely Adventure in Mongolia I knew when I heard about the Gobi Desert Cup that I was taking a calculated risk. The adventure was not only worth it but it also taught me a lot about myself. I don’t like to set limitations and yet as the Timid Rider I […]

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Equine Authors at American Horse Publications

Finding Your Herd: Motivation, Inspiration, and Fun

Finding and spending time with your herd, a group of like-minded people, can keep you motivated and inspired. More, you can have fun!

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Babes, Brands, and Barks at BlogPaws

The Social Media and Pet Blogging Conference Went to the Dogs (and Cats, Horses…)   Recently I attended my second BlogPaws pet blogging and social media conference in Kansas City, Missouri. Another year of blogging under my belt meant I had different goals and a different experience overall. Most of my friends and fellow attendees […]

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BlogPaws Finalist 2018

Prancing into the BlogPaws 10th Anniversary Conference

Best Beyond Paws Pet Blog Finalists 2018 Do I have your attention? Good. The BlogPaws social media and pet blogging network is a network of pet bloggers around the world who dedicate their lives to writing and sharing important information about their pets. It is no surprise that dogs and cats are clearly the more […]

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Blog Goals

Setting the Bar for 2018

It’s time to stop looking backward and concentrate on the year to come. After all, 2017 was the first full year of publication for Bridle & Bone. Even without setting goals I accomplished so much that I can be proud. So imagine what I can do if I actually get organized and set challenges for […]

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From Blogging to Books: Increasing Your Reach and Your Wallet

BlogPaws Kansas City Here I Come!

This April pet bloggers from around the world will be attending the BlogPaws 10th Anniversary Conference in Kansas City, Missouri. My father and his family grew up in northeastern Kansas and we visited often through the years. I absolutely cannot wait to see my family, eat the best BBQ, and of course connect and learn […]

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#horsebloggers vlog challenge

#Horsebloggers Vlog Challenge

As part of Haynet’s equestrian and country blogger community, I joined their 5 question Vlog Challenge. As you may know, video is one of my goals for the coming year. So what better way to start off the year right?     I was paired with Laura Szuca of Wannabe in the Ribbons, based in […]

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Pet Blogger Challenge

Bridle & Bone, 2018 Pet Blogger Challenge

  Now that 2017 has come to a close, it’s time to look forward to 2018 and what I would like to do with Bridle & Bone. By happy accident, I encountered the 2018 Pet Blogger Challenge hosted by Go Pet Friendly. I hope you enjoy reading this and learn a little more about me […]

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The Year in Retrospect

Blogging: The First Year in Retrospect

  I feel nostalgic as December comes to a close. So ends my first full year as an equestrian and canine blogger, and with it my “newbie” status. This is my contribution to the December Equestrian Blog Hop, Year in Retrospect.      I have learned many things over these 12 months and made a […]

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Top 10 Posts of 2017

Guess what? For the first time I get to do a Top 10 Posts! Today is the 1st anniversary of Bridle & Bone! It’s been an amazing year, and really there is nothing that I can complain about. Except perhaps a little laugh at my first blog posts. But even then to look back at […]

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Heather Wallace, Author. Equestrian. Entrepreneur.

Exciting News for Book Lovers and Friends!

Hello my friends! I have some exciting news to share. I’ve just launched by author website, Heather Wallace, Author. Equestrian. Entrepreneur. Ta da!   I don’t want to distract from Bridle & Bone in any way. This blog and my massage business (and partner!) are incredibly important to me and I’m not leaving anything behind. […]

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