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Probiotics for Horses: Do They Really Make a Difference?

I have been dealing with health issues the last few years that took a long time to identify and I am still recovering. I believe in treating the body as a whole (yes, I am addicted to Coca-Cola) but reached out to an integrative doctor for help. The first thing she did after testing me was put me on an intense probiotic. The one I had been taking wasn’t sufficient. Immediately, I recognized a difference in my body.

If probiotics are great for humans and health and our immune systems begin in the gut…then isn’t that even more true for our equine friends? Horses are sensitive and tend to colic and other stomach issues. Why aren’t pre- and probiotics a part of their daily routine?

Reasons to Give Your Horse a Probiotic Regularly

There are many reasons to give your animal regular probiotics.

  • Support immune health in all horses, especially if they have EPM or Chronic Lyme diseases like my pony Ferrous.
  • Prevent gas colic and other digestive issues.
  • Recovering from illness or injury when painkillers or antibiotics have been used.
  • Prevent ulcers.
  • Prevent leaky gut and improve nutrient absorption.
  • Reduce inflammation in the body. Systemic inflammation can result in skin and muscle sensitivity and other major neuromusculoskeletal issues.

As you may know, my pony Ferrous had EPM years ago and now lives with Chronic Lyme disease. As such, it is important for him to be in a maintenance program to boost his immune system and lower inflammation to prevent flares from occurring. He’s not allowed vaccinations or deworming, which can aggravate his symptoms.

A daily digestive supplement, like FullBucket EQ Probiotic Pellets is integral to our wellness program.

Of course, most horses aren’t so high maintenance as my beautiful roan pony. My Thoroughbred, Delight, is often cranky and has ulcers periodically. This probiotic helps him to be more comfortable and give kisses instead of nips!

Choosing the Right Probiotic for Your Horse

Feed and supplement companies offer a lot of choices when it comes to gut health.

  • Include both pre- and probiotics. The prebiotic will support healthy micro flora and allow for easier absorption and retention of the probiotic to stimulate a healthy immune system.
  • A yeast strain over a bacterial strain which cannot be used if the horses is on antibiotics.
  • 25 to 50 Billion CFU’s of Saccharmoyces cerevisae boulardii, a yeast strain of probiotic that is safe to use during antibioitc therapy.
  • Natural ingredients.

FullBucket Veterinary Strength Supplements

I’ve partnered with FullBucket health for a few reasons.

  • They are veterinarian-founded and led. This is heavily science-based and focused on animals specifically.
  • They are based in the United States so I’m supporting “local” business.
  • They formulated an ingredient list that is safe to use long term and with antibiotics.
  • They offer a variety of ways to administer the pre and probiotics: a paste, pellets, and powdered formulas so they are very easy to use. For example, daily I can incorporate a powder but if traveling, the paste is an easy traveling companion and the pellets make a delicious topper for grain (or even replacement for the horse’s that want but don’t actually NEED grain).
The FullBucket Probiotic paste is a wonderful way to give a concentrated amount to a horse that is trailering or recovering from ulcers.

Start your horse on a high-quality, veterinarian-formulated product now with 20% using my code TIMIDRIDER20.

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