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The Bookstore for Horse Lovers

Confession: I best love horses and books above all.

I Launched a New Website
An unexpected project I took on this summer was creating and launching The Bookstore for Horse Lovers. Several other authors and I had discussed working together to create a pop-up shop at events like Equitana or Equine Affaire but with Covid-19 that became a little problematic. That, and we are all so busy and the details were astronomical. 

The Bookstore for Horse Lovers- all your favorite authors in one place!

Instead, I created a website to serve as a landing page for anyone interested in horses and books. What makes it completely different is that it focuses on the AUTHORS! Now you can view featured authors, non-fiction authors, and fiction authors in one place and click on their social media to follow them or their biographies to view and purchase their books. 

Find books by some of your favorite authors….
and more authors you might not know yet!

The number of applications to join as authors has been astonishing and the mailing list growing every day! To celebrate, I am putting together a truly wonderful paperback giveaway of books signed by the authors for ONE lucky winner. The event starts September 1st so make sure to subscribe to The Bookstore for Horse Lovers and follow us on Instagram so you don’t miss your opportunity. 

Let’s Celebrate with Some Free Gifts!

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