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Wearable Technology to Improve Circulation in Horses

Confession: I don’t completely understand the science behind ceramic technology but I like how effective it is! The fact that SmartPak came out with their own product line is just icing on the cake!

What is Ceramic Technology?

Ceramic therapy has been increasingly popular in the horse world. The ceramic powder incorporated into the fabric of the products uses the horse’s own body to generate infrared heat and reflect it back, providing regular warmth and increased circulation. The result is better blood flow and suppleness- naturally.

Why Improved Circulation Matters

Our circulation system provides nutrients to cells throughout the body, most importantly oxygen. Our organs don’t work without it. More, the immune system is dependent upon blood flow, allowing white blood cells to move around the body as necessary. Many of my bodywork clients come to me due to inflammation in their horse, which is a build up of toxins in the body. Good blood flow and removal of blockages (swelling and edema) result in a healthier horse overall.

My pony and I have had success in the past with a ceramic back pad, which helped him when he was cold-backed over the winters. I realized later that the saddle fit him very badly. When I bought him a new saddle that fit, I no longer needed the back pad.

SmartTherapy by SmartPak
The new All Purpose SmartTherapyTM Pad from SmartPak.

However, that being said… In June, SmartPak launched their new SmartTherapy line of products, which was very exciting! They have quite a few to choose from:

  • All Purpose Saddle Pad
  • Dressage Saddle Pad
  • Mesh Sheet-78
  • No-Bow Wraps-14″
  • Quick Wraps-14″

SmartTherapy features ThermoBalanceTM fabric to harness the therapeutic benefits of ceramic infused material to deliver targeted relief and accelerate recovery.


I received the all purpose pad and was so excited to use it! The black pad is quilted and the silver ceramic fibers are small but catch the sun beautifully. I didn’t have it long in my possession. My daughter commandeered the pad for herself and her pony saddle!

Sneaky duo stealing my tack!
But I’ll be honest, it works for them!

Ferrous gets to benefit regardless which one, or all Wallace girls, use the pad. I am not sure I understand all the science behind ceramic technology but it certainly seems to work and we love it!

Have you tried the SmartPak SmartTherapyTM product line yet?

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