Heather Wallace, Author. Equestrian. Entrepreneur.

Exciting News for Book Lovers and Friends!

Hello my friends! I have some exciting news to share. I’ve just launched by author website,

Heather Wallace, Author. Equestrian. Entrepreneur.

Ta da!

Heather Wallace, Author. Equestrian. Entrepreneur.


I don’t want to distract from Bridle & Bone in any way. This blog and my massage business (and partner!) are incredibly important to me and I’m not leaving anything behind. While I have a mix of dog lovers and horse lovers reading (thank you), I want Bridle & Bone to keep it’s focus on the animals rather than my writing.

For some time I wanted a website that focused on being a writer. The Equus Film Festival and connections I have made there simply reaffirmed that for me. Thus, I proudly present my new author site where you can buy my books and even provide suggestions for future releases!


Equestrian Handbook of Excuses


Bridle & Bone will continue on as it has without any changes whatsoever. My author website will focus on writing, books, author interviews, and perhaps even book reviews.

I’ve always said I have two passions: animals and writing. Now I have a website devoted to each!

More Excitement

I’m planning on a very exciting book release in 2018, Confessions of a Timid Rider. The story of how I overcame my fears to follow my passions that I hope will inspire you as well regardless of whether you like horses or not.  In addition, I’m making the “Handbook of Excuses” a series that reaches beyond horse lovers. That’s right! Something for everyone. So stay tuned, and make sure to follow along on my journey.

Do you have an excuse you’d like to see published? I’m working on the series now and you can submit your suggestions here!

Keep Calm There's an Excuse for That
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