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Enzymes: A Natural Alternative to Antibiotics

We all know that fragile, delicate horse. You know the one that unerringly finds the solitary rusted nail along the fence line of a paddock? Or the horse that has no idea how big he is, and cuts his stifle on something he passes by every day?

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My pony is not accident prone. Quite the opposite, in fact, Ferrous is meticulous. So I was surprised to see a cut on his leg when I went to tack him the other day. It didn’t appear to be deep, but it had scraped off all the hair and left a wound behind.


Ferrous’s first injury since I bought him in January. However, like an excellent equine mom, I did not panic. After all, accidents happen.

Much to my relief, his leg did not appear to be inflamed, hot, or tender In any way upon examination. However, I wanted to keep it that way which meant cleaning it and applying a healing ointment.

I did the best I could to address it but found a lovely surprise when I arrived home: the line of Equine Defense products from Zymox!

Could the timing be any more perfect?

Before I tell you which product I used and show you the images, let me tell you a little about Zymox and why I was excited to receive their products.


Zymox is an enzyme system that is a natural alternative to antibiotics. Share on X


What are enzymes?

Enzymes are molecules found in every living thing. They are usually a type of protein and act as a catalyst to bring about a specific biochemical reaction. They are the powerhouses within the body that speed up a response that may include metabolism, healing, and much more.

Zymox has a patented LP3 Enzyme System that uses naturally occurring proteins to defend your horse against harmful microbes while leaving the healthy cells intact.

“The LP3 Enzyme System combines three potent, naturally occurring enzymes: Lactoperoxidase, Lysozyme, and Lactoferrin. Each enzyme has its own unique properties and when combined, pack a powerful antimicrobial punch by targeting harmful bacteria and fungal microorganisms while restoring the oral balance in a pet’s mouth. These three enzymes are naturally derived from dairy products and are 100% safe and gentle.”

Common Skin Conditions in Horses

  • Scratches (Pastern Dermatitis)
  • Rain Rot or Mud Fever
  • Ringworm
  • White Line Disease
  • Itchy Skin
  • Thrush
  • Girth Sores
  • Sheath Cleansing

Many horses I work with have chronic skin conditions such as rain rot, which Zymox’s products are perfect for treating.

Enzymes Vs. Antibiotics

Chemical antibiotics can cause ulcers and may not work on antibiotic-resistant organisms. More, antibiotics must are prescribed by a veterinarian and may have side effects. The opposite is the case with Zymox products. More, they are safe for long-term use if necessary!

  • No microbe resistance
  • Non-invasive
  • Preventative
  • Broad Spectrum
  • No side effects
  • Suitable for all ages from foals to seniors
  • No prohibited substances
  • Equine Defense Products


Equine Defense Skin & Coat Wash

Zymox Skin & Coat Wash


The Skin & Coat wash is a gentle cleanser with a mild, pleasing fragrance. I usually do not like scented washes and Ferrous is very sensitive to smell; however, this was so mild that it didn’t bother us at all. Containing the LP3 enzymes and mild emulsifiers derived from plants, this gently washes away skin irritants and infection-causing microbes.

This coat wash can is used for general bathing or when there is an ongoing skin condition.

Particularly useful for General bathing, Rain Rot, Ringworm, Itchy skin, and Sheath cleansing.

Equine Defense Skin Guard

Zymox Skin Guard

The Skin Guard is a product of a different variety, and something I’ve never seen before elsewhere. It creates a physical barrier preventing bacterial and fungal microbes while also hydrating the skin. I used this after the Skin & Coat wash to condition and protect Ferrous’s coat.

When to use? As often as once a week for prevention purposes.


Equine Defense Skin Spray

Zymox Enzymatic Spray


Okay those of you with horses that have hard to reach skin conditions or wounds, this one is for you. The Equine Defense Skin Spray is perfect for all over protection and healing of hard to reach or extensive areas.

Particularly useful for Scratches, Rain Rot, Thrush, and Ringworm.


Equine Defense Skin Cream

Zymox Skin Cream

Skin cream for targeting wound care and localized spots. Ferrous wanted me to use this since he hurt his leg just when it arrived on my doorstep.

Particularly useful for girth sores, White line, Thrush, and minor wounds. Hmm, I bet this would work well on Ferrous’s new injury!


Testing Equine Defense

I decided to waste no time and try the products quickly. After our trail ride into the woods, I hosed Ferrous off with the Skin & Coat rinse. It was gentle and rinsed well without a lot of rubbing or residue left behind. After I scraped off the excess water and patted his legs dry with a towel, I liberally applied the skin cream to his wound. I’m used to a salve that liquifies on contact, but the cream was very easy to administer with a clean hand. My pony showed no signs of pain or discomfort when it contacted his sore, and I opted to leave it unbandaged since I prefer fresh air.

With a minor wound, the skin cream is recommended once per day. After administering it for three days, this was the result:

Zymox Equine Defense Skin Cream Before and After


With the Zymox Patented LP3 Enzyme Equine Defense System Ferrous’s scrape healed beautifully, and I feel confident that we can treat anything that comes our way. More, both the Skin & Coat Wash and Skin Guard are mild enough for use regularly and as a preventative.

I’ve put together a video to show how I used the Zymox Equine Defense System on my pony, and it’s as easy as 1-2-3. An easy to use product line to prevent and treat familiar horse skin conditions.



You too can benefit from Zymox Equine Defense products. Order yours today!

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