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Equestrienne: Rachel Smith, The Spiritual Cowgirl

Rachel Smith is an Equestrian Mindset coach from Rimbey Alberta Canada. She is a rider, trainer, and equine sports therapist with a passion for holistic health for equines and riders on body, mind and soul levels.

From the time she was three years old and first met horses, she felt their magic on a soul level. Born with horses in her blood, even though her family was from the city, her grandma introduced her to horses. From a young age she had a way with horses and was exceptionally talented with them. She started taking lessons and learning to train horses and working in the horse industry in many facets. But then everything took a turn when she suffered an accident that changed everything for her.

She was bucked off her horse in a fluke accident that fractured two vertebrae in her back and damaged the surrounding muscles. Her confidence was shot, fear controlled her and she felt alone as she navigated working with and riding horses again. Not only did the accident affect her riding life but also her personal life and she began to see deeper ties between her and horses and the riding lessons and life lessons that she was experiencing.

Through years of working through those issues and rebuilding her mindset as a rider and person, she overcame her fears and gained a new level of confidence with her horses. Now she is an Equestrian Mindset Coach, writer, and influencer, committed to breaking the stigmas and speaking out on the unspoken taboos in the horse world and helping riders get over their mindset hurdles faster and more gracefully, with a stronger support system than she had. Her passion is bringing riders together in a supportive open community and using her personal experiences to fuel the mindset transformations she’s able to help her clients achieve in and out of the saddle.

What do you do?

Blogger, Trainer or Instructor, Alternative Health Practitioner.

What is the name of your brand or business?

Spiritual Cowgirl

When did you begin your business?


Why did you begin your business or pursue your passion?

I began my business to help other riders who experience set backs in their riding. After going through a bad accident and injury I lost all confidence in my riding, started experiencing fear and anxiety around my greatest passion in life horses, and found myself having to learn how to ride again and love horses. After having to go through a lonely journey of learning how to feel comfortable in the saddle again, I learned through personal development, subconscious belief reprogramming, physical, mental and emotional healing, and the reconnection with my horses I learned that horses can teach us as riders so much more on a spiritual level.

I developed my blog and coaching to help other riders overcome their fears and confidence issues with a community and support behind them, unlike I had.

What is unique about you or your brand?

What’s unique about me and my coaching is that I help riders who have gone through major trauma through an injury or accident with horses and I really speak out and share about the taboo topics in the horse world, being afraid of your horse, not wanting to “just get right back on the horse”, feeling judged and criticized by other riders. By speaking about these situations and helping other riders to be able to open up about the things no one else talks about, we’re able to work past the obstacles and heal mentally, emotionally and physically.

How does your brand or business positively affect other equestrians or horse welfare?

My focus is on being inclusive and encouraging to all riders, all disciplines, all fitness levels and body shapes, and all levels of learning and riding. Whether you’re a backyard trail rider or a major competitor we can all benefit from mindset work. And our mindset work as riders positively affects our horses and their welfare by choosing to slow down and deepen the spiritual, emotional and energetic connections with our horse to enhance training in a natural, non-confrontational way.

What challenges have you faced in life or business?

I have faced many challenges, especially physical injury for both myself and my horse and coming back to better health after those set backs. As well as a lot of mental/emotional challenges including abusive relationships, financial hardships and judgment in and outside of the riding arena.

What keeps you motivated or inspired?

My horses and other riders keep me motivated and inspired. Everyday I learn more from them, I see a shadow of my personality that they are reflecting back to me, asking me to work on and heal. Everyday I see more of their potential and their work ethic and know that I need to reach my own potential as a coach and trainer and put in the work to become even better.

Who has influenced you and why?

Fallon Taylor has been a huge influence for me. She has a similar albeit even more inspiring story than me of coming back from a bad injury and having to face judgement and scrutiny, but her work ethic is unmatched and her determination and attitude is always positive and forward facing.

Growing up my grandmother was my biggest influence. Living in the city with city folks as parents, my tough farm girl grandmother gave me my love for horses and was my biggest cheer leader, confidant and supporter.

How could your story benefit others?

I believe that my story could show others that you can’t help but be knocked down in life, but only by choosing to stand back up, try again, be humble and work hard in our lives and with our horses we can change the outcome to become more beautiful than we ever imagined. It’s through true inner mindset work and the changing of subconscious beliefs that we can change any negative situation in our life into a learning opportunity and a story of personal triumph.

What advice would you give to someone starting on a new adventure or business? What advice would you give?

My advice would be to let go of the outcome you think you want and be open to any and every opportunity that comes. You can never predict what will actually come your way and what you will learn and get to experience both good and bad. And also to have learn how to have fun and find joy in everything, even the scary, uncomfortable things because those things are actually our biggest growth lessons.

Are you working on anything currently?

I’m currently focused on 1:1 coaching with riders to reclaim and reignite their passions, as well as an informative summit for riders to learn from top equestrian professionals.

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