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Redingote Equestrian: Women-Inspired.

Living Up to the Hype and Beyond

A few years ago (2018), I encountered an emerging fashion brand called Redingote Equestrian that I found incredibly intriguing. I’d been a working student through winters, pouring rain, and knew firsthand how uncomfortable it could be. In case you didn’t know, I’m kind’ embarrassed high maintenance and love anything that makes my life easier.

More, the idea of two women starting a small business with a unique viewpoint- coveralls designed for women: flattering, functional, and comfortable in the saddle and out was unique. My interest was peaked and when I attended Jersey Fresh International to cover the event for the media, I stopped into their vendor booth to introduce myself in person and say hello.

Connie De Maio and Allison Malenfant were so warm and welcoming. I had a blast meeting them and kept returning to the tent feeling like I’d made friends. In fact, I was one of their first preorders- their winter suit hadn’t yet been released but I was able to try samples.

Actual “vintage” footage of me trying on samples in 2018!

The two founders met through their husbands, who worked together. Allison had an interest in learning to ride and Connie was a horse trainer and instructor. So their relationship blossomed. Connie had an idea for years about creating a warm coverall that could be used on the ground and in the saddle but Allison had a background in fashion and merchandising. Combining the twosome’s expertise proved the beginning of something amazing.

Fast forward to the present day and not only do I consider these incredible women an inspiration as entrepreneurs and horsewomen but as close friends. We travel together, socialize, and support each other.

It’s been amazing to have a firsthand perspective to see their products go from thought to reality and watch as rider’s and grooms across the United States embrace their designs with open arms.

The suits are perfect for barn work or riding. Some of the details that have made my life easier:

  • Oversize hood that fits well over a hat or riding helmet.
  • Internal and external pockets.
  • Zippered legs to make for easy on and off over boots.
  • Air vents in the sleeves and back, just in case you get a little too warm.
  • Crop pocket.
  • Waterproof shell.
  • Removable stirrup elastic to keep pants in place while riding.

Redingote Equestrian does inspire excitement even if I no longer have an excuse when the weather is wet or cold. I wear their products while massaging horses over the winter and playing with my own. I confess that I’ve purchased not one, but two, winter jumpsuits…

Groundwork is easy in winter when I can stay warm!

The rain suit…

Cuddling Allison Malenfant’s puppy Hazel at Jersey Fresh 2021.

And now their new athleisure line of tops and breeches, which was recently launched. I can’t wait to receive my new outfit!

Sporting their new line of athleisure wear at Equitana USA 2021 from left to right: Connie DeMaio, Allison Malenfant, and me!

This is truly a small business with heart, founded by two friends and I cannot wait to see what they accomplish over time. After all, they’ve already done so much for equestrians and to support riders and other businesses!

Courtesy of ©Redingote Equestrian/Farm & Fir Co.

Visit Redingote Equestrian to view their products and make sure to follow #redingotenation on Instagram!

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