My Favorite Horsey Things
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My Favorite Horsey Things

It’s the holiday season. But all equestrians know that there is no perfect time to buy tack or pick up something special for your animal. So I got to thinking…this year I bought a pony and while I thought I had an obsession before, well, it wasn’t anything compared to the reality. As The Timid Rider,  I receive many items to review, try, or I buy myself because I’m intrigued and want to learn more. As a result, here are a few of my favorite things, in no particular order.


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Treatibles Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with Peppermint

Treatibles Horse Peppermint

This year I was excited to hear that Treatibles released a line of phytocannabinoid oil for horses. I am a big supporter of phytocannabinoid oil, also known as hemp oil or CBD oil. There are anti-inflammatory benefits as well as reducing anxiety in nervous animals so client’s owners ask me often about my favorite products. I keep the 1500 mg (2 fl. oz) bottle in my locked tack box for Ferrous to give to him before a trail ride to keep him nice and relaxed, or during the winter when his muscles get stiff in the cold. The peppermint oil is enticing to him and the dropper bottle makes dosing very easy. The recommended dosage is 1ml for every 250 lbs and an average horse would need approximately four droppers worth. This can be applied to the feed or even directly into the mouth, although it is best not to touch the dropper to saliva or you risk contaminating the product shelf life.


Huufe Ride Tracking App, Community, and Stable Management



Huufe is an app developed by Charlie Trietline and Richard Phillips in the UK. Designed as a social media community focused on equestrians only, there is a barn management tool where users can have profiles for their horses and set appointment information and reminders. My favorite is the tracking ability via satellite so that when I’m riding on the trails or jumping a course I can see my route as well as my average speed. Note to self- I should probably work a little harder.


The social community allows you to post your rides, including Live Rides, and post photos and videos as well for internet friends to like. With the SafeRide option, it will detect if you have been stationary too long and send an alert to your emergency contact after the designated amount of time. Revolutionary!


Performa Ride Breeches

PerformaRide Flexion Breeches

These are a new favorite. I’ve been looking for a riding tight that hugs my curves but doesn’t exacerbate them, and are comfortable to wear all day long. I first heard of this Australian brand while at the Gobi Desert Cup. We had two riders who wore their Performa Ride breeches most days and they never had a rub, nor any discomfort at all. Plus, they come in cute styles, one being a limited edition unicorn! Hard to beat that. We were so impressed with how they held up to the rugged Mongolian riding, that when the owners reached out and asked to sponsor the 2019 Gobi Desert Cup, we agreed. So while I’m riding in my black Flexion breeches now, I will soon have the official GDC version to show off and practically live in. So keep an eye out for the custom rider’s and official’s Performa Ride gear at our 2019 event.

Oh, a bonus? The company was owned and started by two working moms. Love it!


Redingote Equestrian Technical Outerwear

I basically live in the Redingote Equestrian coveralls this winter. I first heard of the product last spring and was excited to see it in person at Jersey Fresh International. The owners are two young women with a vision to make a coverall that is flattering, efficient, and perfect for barn work or riding. I tried it on and preordered mine on the spot!



I was able to receive it time to take with me to Mongolia, but the weather remained too warm and dry. Alas, I brought it home unused. So when the weather dipped here at home I was excited to try it. It did not disappoint! My days are spent running from barn to barn to provide equine sports massage, but often I will have a lunch meeting, or run to the office to massage a dog. The Redingote Equestrian coveralls are perfect. I keep them in my trunk and don them over my clothing for barn appointments. The material is easy to clean, hair removes easily, and the zippered leg allows me to keep my boots on and feet warm. When I’m done, I simply remove the coveralls and put on my winter coat, and head off to my fancy lunch meeting. No more hay in my shirt, or freezing in the stable. I honestly don’t know how I lived without these beforehand.

Oh, and did I mention that I can ride in them as well? What can’t these coveralls do?


Back on Track Back Pad

Back on Track Back Pad



I’d heard amazing things about the Back on Track products, so this summer I decided to splurge and buy a back pad for Ferrous. I ordered it off Amazon and was not given an option to choose the size unfortunately so it is a bit large for him. However, I love it. Ferrous can be cold backed no matter what time of year, and starts off rather stiff. I take the Back on Track Back pad and put it on him while I’m grooming him or massaging him. It makes a big difference in even 10-15 minutes. He is a lot happier accepting the saddle and during exercise needs less time to reduce his stiffness. I’m considering buying another one to take with me when I visit clients. I’m also considering the exercise boots! So far, I’m a big fan of this brand.


Le Mieux Pro Sorb Lamskin Nummah

Le Mieux Pro Sorb Nummah


This is the only saddle pad I use with my close contact saddle. I want one in every color! The nummah is a combination of saddle pad and half pad, with removable padding for adjustment. This tack takes a lot of pressure off my horse’s back and absorbs movement. I feel the saddle is better fitted and that I am lighter. More, he is much happier. I finally took it home and washed it this summer, which was very easy but it did take a long time to air dry. I was miserable riding without it. I absolutely recommend this product and would love to have another as a back up so that I can alternate them.


Dr. Cook’s Bitless Bridle

I told a friend of mine that I wanted one and he lent me his extra bridle indefinitely. Ferrous has a soft mouth and needs little contact. More, he tends to “giraffe” while he’s warming up. I introduced Dr. Cook’s Bitless Bridle and the effect was immediate. His head lowered and relaxed, he carried himself better, and he was less sensitive. Now, I don’t ride in this bit every single time, especially if I’ll be doing any jumping. However, I plan on using this more and more as I ride him and I’m very excited to see how we go.



Headlight Harness for Horses

Headlight Harness for Horses

So, I’m biased on this one for sure. I’ve been meaning to do a full blog post and product review but haven’t yet had the time, especially in these early evenings. But this summer my friend and I met the couple behind the Headlight Harness. This is a dog harness with an LED light perfect for walks, seeing them in a dark yard, or if they tend to take off on you so they can be seen by cars. My friend, Steve Pruzick, a retired mounted police officer talked to them about developing a breast collar for horses. We used Ferrous as the model for fitting and design. I absolutely love this idea. I have friends who are endurance riders that would benefit from this. Mounted police officers can both see and be easily seen with their horses wearing this product. My trainer, has been using mine with the optional surcingle to bring her daughter’s pony up and down in the pitch black for lessons at our barn

The breast collar can fit any saddle, or with the surcingle on the horse directly. More, it has reflective material and lights up the ground directly in front making both the trail and the horse more visible and safer all around.


If you want to try this product yourself, limited quantities are available for purchase. But, you can receive 10% off with the promo code HS. Try it and tell me what you think!


So these are a few of my favorite horsey things this year for horse and rider. What are a few of your favorite things?

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