KeriCure Wound Care for Equines

Do you have a horse prone to injury? KeriCure, Inc. Champion Seal is an easy to apply, and organic liquid bandage that keeps wounds clean while your horse recovers.

KeriCure Product Review

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We all know someone with an accident prone horse. You know the one who gets hurt in the paddock by just looking at the fencing? Or the pony who is constantly covered in scratches and bite marks from playing with his friends in the paddock. There’s at least one in every barn.



As an equine sports massage therapist I spend time at a lot of different barns. My friends recently bought a new mare. Within the first two days she had cut up her face and broken a tooth by putting her head through a fence and hurting herself on the way out. The wounds were such that she could not wear a halter for a long time. I recommended my healing salve with essential oils, but then I heard about another product that could also help.


KeriCure Inc.  is a small business based in Florida that created a liquid bandage, Champion Seal, without harsh chemicals. Can it be true? There are only two major ingredients: purified water and a proprietary polyacrylate polymer. No preservatives or additives. And if you choose Champion Shield Silver Liquid Bandage, you have the added benefit of antimicrobial nanoparticle silver that helps to kill germs and stop bleeding.


KeriCure Champion Seal for Horses

What is Polyacrylate Polymer?

Good question. The polyacrylate polymer ingredient is a proprietary ingredient owned by KeriCure:

“Polyacrylates are most commonly made using a method called emulsion polymerization. In organic chemistry, a polyacrylate is a class of acrylate polymers derived from the polymerization of acrylic acids and salts. Once formed they have the ability to absorb water hundreds of times its mass equivalent. They are noted for their transparency and resistance to breakage, and are used in a variety of plastics, as well.”

If you’re lucky, your horse has a minor wound. However, all wounds on our horses are subjected to dirt, flies, and at risk for infection. A breathable but germ free barrier protects the wound and your horse from infection.



KeriCure Champion Shield Liquid

KeriCure liquid bandage is made for horses thin skin. Designed to be a breathable barrier between open wounds and debris, you can use it alone or with another ointment or salve.

This liquid bandage is water based and formulated to reduce redness, hydrate, and protect all in one.


Easy to Apply

No need to poke and prod at your horse, who is already feeling badly. KeriCure Champion Seal is easy to apply. Simply shake and spray on the wound once a day. Do keep your product at room temperature, as it will freeze if left out in winter.

We can all hope that our horse doesn’t get injured. But in the hopefully rare instance this occurs, KeriCure Champion Seal Liquid Bandage and Champion Shield Silver is a must for any first aid kit in your tack box.


Not Just For Horses

Do not be misled by my penchant for equine animals! KeriCure has a wide range of products available for humans, and smaller pets as well such as cats and dogs. Visit their site and find a product that is right for you. Wound care without the harsh ingredients.

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21 thoughts on “KeriCure Wound Care for Equines

  1. Poor horses!! These are such interesting products. They seem to work very much like bee propolis, which is what I use and recommend for all my animal clients for minor wound healing. I’m glad there are alternatives that make caring for our injured animals easier and safer.

    1. Yes, I love finding out about new products to help animals. I have heard of using beeswax but not bee propolis- I’ll have to look into this.

  2. I love the idea of a liquid bandage. When Jack runs around the woods it’s not uncommon for him to come out with a scratch or two. I checked out their link and they have some great products, definitely worth keeping on hand.

    1. Absolutely! I use liquid bandage on my children in the summer to keep out sand and dirt, so of course I would use it on my animals. Make sure to enter the giveaway and try it for yourself!

  3. I don’t have a horse but will share your post with my cousin who has two. Not sure if her horses are accident prone or not. I will also check out their products for humans (everyone in my house is accident prone) and dogs.

    1. You absolutely should! It’s a great product to keep on hand in case of emergency.

  4. May need to add this to our travel first aid kit!

    1. Yes! There is an array of products for dogs and I am definitely keep this on hand for my own use in case of emergency.

  5. Kericure sounds like a great product! I really could have used this on my springer when she had a sore that kept getting bumped and it wouldn’t heal properly since she had cancer. This sounds like it would have protected it. I’ll have to get some.

    1. This sounds like it would absolutely help! The nice thing is you can use it to protect and then add a salve or healing product on top of it.

  6. I love that this provides a breathable, germ free barrier. Some poultices and salves block the air from getting to a wound so not as effective. I wonder how this product would work on hotspots!

    1. That’s a great question. You can submit questions to KeriCure. It’s a small company and I’m sure they would respond quickly. Since it’s a breathable layer I imagine it would help provide relief from rubbing.

  7. Liquid bandage products are the best! I had not heard of this brand before. 🙂

    1. I love them for our own (human) use in summer to keep sand out and for use in the ocean. Band aids come right off. This is a small business and I’m helping to spread awareness!

  8. I lovelovelove products like this. I have one of my own, it’s not exactly a liquid bandaid, but it’s very similar and only plant based! I bought it from my vet to use on small wounds like stud marks from the winter shoes and such!

    1. I’m so glad to hear that! And plant based makes me prance with excitement.

  9. Yes very, always hurting herself.

    1. Oh those accident prone mares. Sadly, I can personally relate!

  10. I love hearing about new products and this sounds amazing

    1. Well then I hope you entered the giveaway so you have a chance to see for yourself!

  11. Yes, injury prone.

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