Kerrits Power Sculpt Breech
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Empower Yourself with Kerrits Power Sculpt Breech

I’m in love with the new Kerrits Power Sculpt Breech. One of my favorite brands to wear, this is a perfect marriage between a riding breech and stylish support. When I’m comfortable I feel more confident, especially in the saddle.


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I don’t consider myself fancy. I like to get glammed up with the best of them for special occasions, like the Nose-to-Nose Awards for which Bridle & Bone was recently a finalist. I feel more comfortable in jeans and boots. When I’m comfortable I feel more confident as well. Since I always strive to be more confident in the saddle, you can imagine that my comfort and that of my pony is key.

Equestrians know that high-quality breeches are often unflattering and best fit a slender size 2 frame. As a petite, curvy woman with a very busy lifestyle, I have struggled to find the perfect equestrian apparel. A riding tight that is comfortable, yet flattering. More, a breech that will hug me in all the right places, and support areas that need a little help.

Imagine my excitement to hear one of my favorite equestrian brands, Kerrits, released the Power Sculpt Tight.


First Impression of the Kerrits Power Sculpt Tight

Love Handles (or Not)

The wide waistband fits comfortably around my waist without pinching or grabbing. No love handles on this girl! The mid-rise waist fits comfortably in and out of the saddle. While not all riding tights allow for a belt, the loops and wider band allows for both thin and wide belts. Very adaptable!



Some days I have limited time to spend at the barn. Tragic, I know. I’ve become used to running errands in my riding clothes either before or after a ride.

However, long hours spent in certain breeches result in discomfort and I usually can’t wait to go home, shower, and change. The first day I wore my new Power Sculpt breeches, I wore them the entire day. With four-way stretch they are exceedingly comfortable, and the spandex allows freedom of movement while still making my backside as perky as possible. No small feat.



When I first looked at the Power Sculpt riding tights, I was reminded more of compression workout pants. Many women in my area wear these all day every day. The color block detailing on the calves allows for a longer, looking leg something a short person like myself will always need more of in life!



But when looking closer the equestrian sees the knee patches and ankles perfect for fitting into those tall boots with ease.

Moisture-Wicking Fabric

Absolutely the breathability of these moisture-wicking riding tights contributes to the comfort level. I rode in the Power Sculpt tight by Kerrits in 40-degree weather and 60-degree weather. So far I’m really pleased with how breathable they are, so much so that I’m actually looking forward to hot weather this year. Well, warmer weather anyway, I hate sweating.


Have you ever worn an equestrian breech that you had to stuff yourself into? Uncomfortable to say the least. I tend to bloat with exercise whether from body heat or dehydration so breeches that fit me in the morning may not feel comfortable after exercise. I loved that the Kerrits Power Sculpt Tight actually stretched with me, moving as I moved but keeping its shape. However, I was glad to have worn a belt because toward the end of the day I did feel that the tight loosened up enough that I would have wanted to pull it back into place on my waist after several hours. The stretch allows me to still feel comfortable in heat and exercise, rather than become uncomfortable. With the belt, I was perfectly happy to wear them all day.

Kerrits Power Sculpt Breech Review


I think I found my new favorite breeches. Perfect for all-day wear in and out of the saddle. I don’t want to sacrifice comfort for style and now I don’t have to! I can look great, feel great, and ride great! Oh, and did I mention my backside looks amazing in them?




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