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Positive Affirmations with Kick-On Cards

I write my blog to share my personal feelings and struggles about being a returning adult equestrian with confidence issues. Through writing these posts I learn a lot about myself. I never considered myself a person with anxiety until I read some of the words that came out of me. I am not diagnosed. I am not on medication. Horses are both therapy and a cause of nerves for me at the same time. That in itself is an internal struggle. Finding balance is incredibly hard for anyone.


I realize how many other people have the same self-doubts that I experience. While I still write for myself, I share my posts with the goal of helping others by sharing. Speaking aloud brings me catharsis in many ways. Knowing others care and relate? That brings me happiness. Not because they are nervous but because I am not the only one.


In a recent Instagram photo challenge run by Sophie Callahan, an amazing equine photographer and blogger, I found a brand called Kick-On Cards based in the UK. These are positive affirmation cards designed for equestrians in mind. More, they are small enough to fit in a pocket or jacket and bring with you on the trails or in the arena. While there are a number of packs to choose from, I started with the Basic Pack and ordered them!

How do positive affirmations help confidence?

Kick-On Cards notes, “Positive mindset is also learnt behaviour, and you can teach yourself to reverse negative thinking and replace it with positivity which will take away the fear and self doubt and replace it with enjoyment and confidence in your own ability.”


Nerves and anticipation cause us to lose focus. However, the cards allow you to focus and visualize what you want to achieve.



There are a variety of packs, starting with the basics that can help any equestrian. There are a number of smaller packs available as well including Eventing, Dressage, Hacking, Show Jumping, and even Horsey Mums!


I am a big believer in going back to basics when you need to, then taking small but challenging steps towards your goal. These cards help some riders do that very thing. Will I bring the pack with me to the barn or on the trail?


Maybe but maybe not. But I will try these. Acupuncture, worry stones, essential oils, Rescue Remedy, you name it…I’ll try them all.


I found that a few of the cards are a bit hard to read because of the background. I have terrible eyesight and am prone to headaches, so this one gave me a bit of pause.



However, I do like that there are a few blank cards to write our own personal affirmations on and include in the set. I think having these to draw my focus will be a great way to wake up and attempt positive thoughts for my day and my ride. I can say I am definitely interested in the Horsey Mums pack and the Hacking Pack as these are two areas I could use a little positivity!


What do you think of Kick-On Cards? Would you find them helpful, or no?


  • Sally O'Dwyer

    Hi, I agree with you that we all need to work on becoming more confident. I think it is as important as riding skills. Without confidence, you can’t be your best and you let your fears hold you back.

    • Heather Wallace

      Absolutely, and it is such an incredibly common thing for all of us, amateur and professional. Do you have any tools or advice to help improve confidence in the saddle? I always love learning new things!

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