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Summer’s Lament

Unpopular opinion: Summer is my least favorite season. 


I know, I know. Insert *gasps* and *shrieks*. I don’t hate it, but in weighing the pros and cons I find many more cons. I’m exhausted and hot and that is never a good combination. While I can wear lighter clothing during my canine massage visits at the office, in the barn I’m always in pants and boots. My long, curly hair frizzes and needs to be tamed by hats or a bun.


Equine Sports Massage by Heather Wallace


You see, I hate the heat. I hate to sweat. And I hate having to bring my children to work with me.


Summer means throwing my carefully planned schedule nine months of the year and throwing it out the window. I love my children, but scheduling work and barn time while keeping them happy and busy is extremely stressful.



I love and treasure the ability to spend time with my children. But a clone of myself would be nice. 


Sometimes mommy’s need “me” time.


More, pony camp goes on for five weeks at the barn. This means I either have to arrive at the barn first thing in the morning when it’s cool, and before camp is starting, or not ride at all. I crave the solitude of a quiet barn and a ring to myself sometimes. In the evenings after camp, I have responsibilities with my family or I’m just too tired from the day.


But I think all of that would be okay if it weren’t just so HOT. The humidity makes the heat index almost unbearable and unhealthy for horse and rider. I will admit I am lazy by nature. My body is not made to be in the heat, I get red-faced and bloat. I also never drink enough water. More, my pony Ferrous has anhydrosis and does not sweat like he should. He’s on a supplement and this year he’s been okay, but I don’t want to overwork him, or myself.


Even a 20-minute walk into the woods and back results in a long bath and a hand graze afterward.

My little roan is all bleached out!

My goal is to enter one of the schooling shows this fall but I am not in shape nor prepared. More, I’m traveling the next few weeks in The Gobi Desert Cup and away from my barn. Sadly, no riding for me as the writer and photographer. Still, the weather is showing to be a lovely 68 degrees Fahrenheit by day and cool by night. Just perfect for a cold-weather girl like me, especially while I’m running around and working!


Summer has many benefits including the beach, near my home, and more daylight to ride. However, that is pretty much it in my opinion. While other equestrians complain all winter about the cold, I crave it.


Mongolia is a nice respite from the summer heat and humidity here in New Jersey. And when I return autumn will be on the horizon!


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