Le Mieux Lambskin Numnah Review
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Luxurious Riding with the Le Mieux Pro Sorb Lambskin Numnah

Enter the half pad debate. I never loved my sheepskin half pad and thought it bulged weirdly on my pony’s back. Nor did I feel that it created any real cushion. So I debated between gel pads, air pads, and memory foam. So many choices! 


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Upon some research and help from my friend and trainer we ultimately decided on the Le Mieux Pro Sorb Lambskin Numnah from Country & Stable. The numnah is the perfect blend of saddle pad and half pad.


With horse ownership comes great responsibility. The benefit of buying a horse the barn owner and trainers are familiar with is having that extra knowledge at your fingertips. So I knew when I bought Ferrous that we needed to work on strengthening his top line and core muscles. I put together a training plan, really wanting to work on circles, bending lines, and figure 8’s with a nice long rein, allowing him to collect underneath him and stretch. But I wanted to make sure I had the best tack for him.


I chose the Le Mieux Pro Sorb Lambskin Numnah brown in large. Although Ferrous is only 14.2 I use a 17-inch saddle. The package arrived quickly and immediately upon opening it, I was impressed with the lush padding. 


Le Mieux Pro Sorb Lambskin Nummah Review


I was excited to try it out so I raced to the barn! Ferrous can get a little fractious during saddling, and it’s completely behavioral. But when I put the soft merino wool on his back, he didn’t know what to think! I love that I can adjust to the specific needs of my pony and saddle fit. The numnah has 4 strategically placed inserts that are easily removable and adjustable.  It is also incredibly soft and luxurious. 


Riding was like a dream. I felt the difference immediately. The saddle was very well cushioned and didn’t move at all during my ride, even cantering and jumping. I love that I felt it was absorbing shock, and allowing the saddle to fit his high-withered body. His shoulders now easily extend forward and really allow him to move out from underneath with extension.


Le Mieux Pro Sorb Lambskin Nummah Review


Untacking I looked for any rubbing or indentions but could find nothing. Ferrous’ back was smooth with zero sensitivity or irritation. This numnah has a low profile that avoids distorting the saddle fit, but retains breathability & wicking with a clear-spine. As the weather warms, I’m so happy to know that the Le Mieux Pro Sorb Numnah is moisture-wicking so I don’t have to sacrifice the comfort of myself and my horse with something thinner. And it’s washable!


According to the care instructions:

  • Remove hair, dirt and dried sweat with a stiff brush
  • Rub human hair conditioner (ideally for dry hair) generously over lambskin areas
  • Machine wash at 30° on a cool/wool cycle or hand wash
  • Use WoolSkin Wash (available from Horse Health) or  non-bio powder or liquid
  • Straighten/flatten cotton fabric after washing
  • Air dry near heat source. Never tumble dry


Le Mieux Pro Sorb Lambskin Nummah Review


He looked and felt so much more comfortable than with my old saddle pad and half pad combination. I don’t think I can ever go back! This numnah fits my saddle perfectly. I wasn’t sure which size to get, and Country & Stable kindly provided guidance to that end. But even if the size didn’t work for us, returns are super easy. Country & Stable has a 30 Day No Questions Asked 100% Guarantee for a full refund or credit as long as the product is new and undamaged.


Le Mieux Pro Sorb Lambskin Nummah Review


Word has spread and all the other boarders and trainers have been commenting on the numnah. My barn owner even rubbed it against her face. Honestly,  I did too so I can’t blame her! I expect that quite a few people will be going out and buying their own. It’s that fantastic.


I am a huge fan. Go out and buy the Le Mieux Pro Sorb Lambskin numnah for your horse today.



  • Mathilde Kvernland

    I love, love, love the pads form Lemeieux! I have two of the ones for show jumping, one in navy and one in raspberry color. Not only are they anatomically correct, but I also love the straps that you can fasten on the front of the saddle, instead of regular pads that you fasten with straps on the girth straps(if that makes any sense). If it wasn’t for the fact that I have the Acavallo Memory Foam pad already, I would very much look into buying one of these!

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