I love to travel. My family took road trips to visit family, plane trips on vacations, and I began traveling internationally when I was 14 years old. It’s one of my passions. In 2018 and 2019 I was part of the team for the Gobi Desert Cup in Mongolia and was able to help behind-the-scenes for a large ride across the country. Now, in 2023 I’m offered my first co-hosted trip abroad…Iceland!

The events I am putting together involve experiencing a country’s culture, riding horses in a relaxed and fun way (while there might be a faster pace periodically, this is more a trail ride vibe than an adventure ride), and for some events include something special, like yoga and mindfulness with Cathy Woods Yoga! Click on the details below for more information and apply to come with.

Upcoming Trips 2024

APPLY by MAY 15th to receive $250 off the August event.

Iceland Experience– August

Ride the iconic Icelandic horses, small but mighty, who will take you along rivers, to waterfalls, and up and down a volcano safely. This is not a gallop event, but a trail ride where we can enjoy the beauty of the nature around us.

Each night stay at a country hotel at the base of the highlands, in Southern Iceland. By day, ride horses and visit the surrounding landscapes. Experience the Icelandic culture. Don’t just vacation, become a traveler!

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Horse, Yoga and Cultural Retreat with Cathy woods Yoga (August 2023)

Gobi Desert Cup, Mongolia 2018 and 2019.